Spring Projects

Here are my Spring Projects.  Just click on the title to get the full directions.

St Patrick's Day:





  • Coffee Cozy

  • Clay Trays for Father's Day

  • Windsocks

  • Best Dad I Ever SAW Card

  • Dominoes for Dad

  • DAD Dish

  • Dad Portraits


    1. I just found your inspiring website and I can't believe it - I'm retiring this year! There are so many more years' worth of art classes I could teach with your amazing ideas and clear instructions. My idea of going back to my school in the fall and volunteering has just taken wings....I will teach a monthly art class to the Jr. Spec. Ed. students whom I've worked with for 23 years. Truly, I thank you so much for giving me the direction of my volunteering in the joyous years to come.

    2. Just want to thank you for your website. I volunteered to teach art in my 3rd grade son's class, which is 2nd/3rd combo. They've taken Art class in our school district 2 years ago and I really want my son to have Art so I decided to do it. I've never ever taught Art, except w/ preschoolers, and I didn't want it to be crafty and I want them to actually be learning something about art. Your website is one of the site I've been learning from. We've done the watercolor spring painting & we're currently working on our 3D mask. I also did the fall watercolor w/ my son & neighbor. You made it possible for me to do something I've never done before & having so much fun doing it. The children are having such a great time & very appreciative for the opportunity. Thank you again...and I'll be looking forward to learn more from you.

    3. I'm an art teacher in a Catholic school, and I am obsessed with your website!! I found you on Pinterest and I am hoping to use some of your ideas this year!! Great ideas!!

    4. I love your ideas, and thank you for sharing. Just a little correction. A shamrock is actually a three-leafed plant. A four-leaf plant is actually clover. Again, thank you for your website.

    5. I love your art. You're a hit for those who appreciate great art in class but haven't any creativity. Our school lokks lovely thanks to you and our students. Thank you!

    6. Your art projects are the best! I teach an after school art class and I have done many of the projects on your site. I love your site! Its my 1st choice when I am looking for ideas. I love to do new things each year. thank you for your wonderful ideas.

    7. i love your spring projects.

    8. Gail, you are truly amazing!! I've just come across this site looking for an easy way to make Arjung shadow puppets. I'm beginning a new theme in my class called Around the World in Our Class. My goal is to introduce the children to the countries represented in our class through art projects. I found your pattern and explanation very helpful!!
      Thanks so much!!

    9. Hi there, I am a teacher in England and have found your site to be extremely inspiring and helpful! I run an Art Club and it can be difficult to source activities that all children can do well. I am going to try the paper lillies for Mother's Day and the dreamcatchers. Thank you and keep up the good work! :)
      EF, Birmingham UK

    10. Wonderful items !
      I'm a dutch woman, not a teacher, and I enjoy your lovely ideas.
      It's a pleasure to watch your work.
      A lot of succes!
      Florenel from Holland.

    11. Love your site!
      Esther, The Netherlands

    12. Thank you so much for your inspiring ideas!
      Greetings from Germany!!!