Monday, June 13, 2011

Portraits of Dad

So the Grade 2 teachers had this tradition.  The students would make portraits of their Dads on a piece of wood, usually just in marker.

I asked if I could change it up a bit, you know me, the kids gotta paint!

And although I was a bit skeptical I must say they are coming together quite nicely.


- pieces of wood, we used 2 x 4
- white acrylic paint or gesso
- flesh toned paints
- acrylic paint in shirt colors
- paint brushes
- pencil crayons, fine sharpies
- small buttons
- colored paper
- tacky glue
- Mod podge, optional

So we just used 2 x 4's cut into 12 inch lengths.  I then primed them with gesso on both sides. Let dry.

I had the kids draw lightly with pencil a head, neck, and shoulders.  The shoulders go off the side and then continue on the back. 

We then painted the head and neck on the front, let it dry, then painted head and neck on the back.

 Paint in the shirt in the front and the sides, let that dry and then do the back.

You then take a very small brush and paint in the white of the eyes.  Let that dry.

Using pencil, fine sharpies, and pencil crayons continue with the details of the face.  If your markers are washable you'll have to skip the sealer(Mod Podge) at the end.

Don't forget to put in that chin line, that helps create that 3D illusion you can also add a little shading.

We do this step before the hair otherwise the kids will not leave enough room for the face.

Now we paint on the hair.

Cut a tie out of colored paper.  Now you could do a long tie as well you just wouldn't be able to add the buttons.

Glue into place.  Add buttons.

Now add the letters for "Dad".  I'm just using the cricut at school and gluing them on.  You could also have the kids draw them out on paper or type this out in computer class.

You can add a coat of sealer if you want.

Here is a shot of Grade 2 progress, just got to paint in the hair and add the tie and buttons.

That's it.

The kids are at the eye stage as of today so I'll post pictures of their work tomorrow. Should have the finished photos later today.

see ya!

Here are the results!

Great work Grade 2.


  1. What a cute idea! It would be fun to have a whole family like this.

  2. I LOVE this idea!! I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something for my kids to do for Father's Day and this will be perfect!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are SO cute! And it would be fun to have a whole family like that too!

  4. We made a variation on these today in our Girl Time art camp and they were GREAT! I tried posting to your flicker group but the "add photos" button wouldn't let me! You can view them at

    Thanks for all of your amazing inspiration!

  5. I'm definitely doing this next year