Monday, June 3, 2013

'Very Hungry' Grade 1 Caterpillars

We had some 'very hungry caterpillars' in Grade 1 the last few days.

This is our new bulletin board display.


- photos
- paper for painting, sketch or wc, you need a long rectangle about 8"X 16" and a square 5"x5"
- black and red tempera disk paint
- plastic wrap, bubble wrap
- plastic lid to use for tracing
- coloured tissue paper cut in squares
- glue
- pipe cleaners
- 2 pony beads


Take photos first.  I had the kids do 2 poses.  The first is the 'hungry caterpillar' one for this project ("open your mouth wide like biting a big piece of watermelon"), the second just a nice smiling face for our happy butterflies that we will be doing next week.  Print off on regular paper.

On our art boards we taped the 2 pieces of painting paper with a little masking tape to hold in place while painting.

We then painted our rectangles black.

While paint is still wet lay a piece of plastic wrap on top and squish in some wrinkles.  Leave in place until paint dries.

We then painted our squares red.

Lay a piece of bubble wrap on top. push down on it a bit and then leave on top while drying.

I made some cardboard templates by tracing around a plastic lid.  I kept moving it and tracing until I had a nice caterpillar shape.

The kids turned their black painted paper over (now dry) and traced around the template.

They then cut the caterpillar shape out.

With that same lid I used to make the template I had them trace around it on the red painted paper. Cut out.

Glue the red circle onto one of the ends of the caterpillar.

Starting near the head we made a line with the glue.  I had the kids choose either warm colours or cool colours of the tissue squares.  They then scrunched them up and added it to the glue.  This makes our caterpillars fuzzy.

Continue down the length of the caterpillar.

We then added 2 antennae with pipe cleaners and beads.  Fold the pipe cleaner down on the bead to hold in place.

You can also just use a longer pipe cleaner and fold in half.

We just taped ours to the back but you could use white glue or a glue gun.

That's one of the teachers joining in.

Glue photo on the red circle.

For the display we also painted some large leaves for our hungry caterpillars.

That's it.

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