Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Father's Day Clay

This is a work in progress.  Kindergarten did clay today and although I don't have one all glazed and fired to show you I thought I'd give you a peek.

When done it will be a change/key/cell phone dish for Dad.


- clay
- fabric placemat
- a penny nail
- wooden skewer
- little cup of water
- rolling pin
- 'D' and 'A' rubber stamps
- small chinet plate
- kiln


Cut a slab off your clay block.  Using a rolling pin roll a slab about 1/2 inch thick.

Take your chinet plate and turn it upside down onto the clay slab.  Cut around it with the nail.

You want to use a heavy paper plate not foam as we will be putting the clay back into the plate to help hold the shape while the plate is drying out.

Remove the excess clay from around the circle you cut.  Use some of it to cut a circle for the head.  With Kindergarten we used round cookie cutters that I had.

Attach to your dish by "scratch, scratch, water, water".  Little surface scratches on the surfaces to be stuck together, rub some water with your finger over the scratches.  The scratches then have to 'kiss'.  (that always makes it easy for the kids to remember how it works)

Start adding the features.  Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.

Add DAD with the rubber stamps.

With the extra clay roll a long snake and attach around the rim of the plate.

Place back in the paper plate to dry.

Drape for at least 24 hrs under plastic and then let dry out fully for 1-2 weeks. (depends a lot on the humidity in your area)

Remove paper plate and then bisque fire in the kiln.  Glaze or paint as you wish.

It was great to see all the Dads.

There is still time to do this project.  I will update you on the finished plates.

See you soon.