Sunday, June 21, 2015

Giveaway Winners

The 3 winners of the adult colouring books are:

Carolynn , who left a comment on this blog
I love the Dad clay portraits. Kids do amazing things with great teaching! Keep up the great work!
Carolynn if you could email your mailing address to me at:
Laura Hay Hamilton, who left a comment on Facebook
and Jenny Peck who sent me an email.

Thank everyone for entering, there will be a new giveaway next week.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Book Giveaway and Student Work

The end of the school year is finally upon us.

I have been finishing my last residencies as well as an onslaught of Father's Day workshops.  Here is just a small sampling of some of the student work over the last few weeks.

Here are some DAD clay portraits that were done with Grade 3 and Kindergarten.

Calgary Towers done with Grade 2.

Toucans with Grade 5.

Mini gardens with Grade 4.

Air dry clay portraits with grade 7 & 8.

So as summer vacation approaches I am looking forward to having time to paint and try out some new projects.

Children's colouring books are not as popular as they were when I was a kid but adult colouring books are now top sellers.

There is something soothing about filling in all those empty spaces with colour and it can provide inspiration for new art projects.

Skyhorse Publishing has several of these books available.

I love all the patterns and immediately the wheels started turning about how I was going to attempt some of these patterns as a mono print or collagraph.

I also like that the pages are perforated so you can remove them easily and add them to your visual journal or put them on display.

Sample pages are provided at the front of the books to give you colour combo ideas.

The back of the book has colour bar space to try out these combinations before adding them to the designs.

Each book has 46 designs for you to colour.

I have 3 of these great books up for grabs.  If you are interested in winning one of these to enjoy over summer vacation please enter by one of the following ways:

- leave a comment on this blog post
- email me directly at
- like or comment on this post on my Facebook page

I will make the draw on Friday June 19th/15.

Good luck everyone and thanks to Skyhorse Publishing for sponsoring this great giveaway.