Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Paper Embossing with Rubber Stamps

Sometimes your art journal page just needs a little extra.

Why not make your own embossed accents.


- rubber stamps or anything sturdy with texture, printmaking items
- kleenex
- water
- paint brush
- glue


I'm always buying rubber stamps.  Michaels puts different themed stamps on promo all the time and I can pick them up for a dollar or less.

But you can also use anything with a sturdy surface that has texture, things you would use for printmaking, even bubble wrap.

Take a few tissues from your box and cut about 1 inch larger than your stamp.

Have a little water close by and a paintbrush.

Your stamps should be clean, if they have ink on them give them a scrub.

Lay a piece of tissue on top of your stamp.

Wet your paintbrush with water and paint over tissue.  Use the bristles of the brush to push the tissue into all the spaces.

Lay another tissue on, I like to alternate them, and repeat.

Continue for at least 5 layers.  On the last layer brush on a coat of white glue.

Put aside to dry overnight.

When you pull them off the stamp you will see the design embossed on the paper.

Trim the excess.

Now you can use your embossed accent on either side.

Paint with watercolors or acrylic.

Then glue into place.

That's it.

You can create your own accents for scrapbooking, mixed media compositions, etc.

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Take care everyone and I'll see Friday.


  1. Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this idea - it has so many potential applications!!

  2. I LOVE this idea! I also tend to collect stamps, but never would have thought of this use of them. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Cannot wait to give this a try. Love it!!!

  4. Such a great idea!! Why haven't I ever thought of doing this?!!:))
    Thanks for sharing:))

  5. cool idea! It has me know the textured leaves you posted a year or two ago where you used tissue paper and modge podge to get the texture on the leaves and then painted you think you could use watered down glue instead of modge podge?

  6. Hey Mrs. Art Teacher,
    For the textured leaf project I was using gesso but you could use glue. I would work in small areas at a time.
    I haven't done the leaf project that way but I have made inchies where I scrunched the tissue paper onto a coating of glue on the inchies and then went back and painted. It should work, good thinking!

  7. Such a cool technique with so many possibilities. Thanks for sharing the steps!