Winter Projects

Here are my Winter Projects.  Just click on the title to get the full directions.






  1. you have such a wonderful taste! do you make all of these project your self?

    from:HANNAH age: almost 10

  2. can you make or suggest something i can make from a matchbox? please? thankyou! you are amazing by the way!
    please can you email me by the adress

  3. Hi, I've just discovered your site and find it very well laid out with lovely ideas. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your projects with us. Very enjoyable and very inspirational . . . your instructions are so well photographed and laid out
    Valerie, Ireland

  4. Our school LOVES your website. Many teachers have no formal training in art and your step by step instructions are perfect!! Or children love your ideas!!

  5. Nice website. It is beautiful what You do.You are very creative!
    Please visit this website, too:
    Best regards, Rita

  6. I just discovered your site this week, and since I am administering a standardized test all week, it's given me plenty of time to look through all your posts. I am very impressed with your step-by-step guides for the projects, and happy to see some really high-quality work there. I'm also amused by your site headings: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring, since we are in Phoenix, Arizona. I have students who have never seen real snow, or leaves which change color and fall off trees. They do know a lot about cacti, lizards, coyotes, and sunshine!

  7. Dear Gail,

    Just a quick note to say "thank you" for saving me last year - my first year teaching art. I am here on your site again, planning art lessons for the coming school year. Your website has been such an inspiration to me, as well as other teachers in my school. Thank you also for all of your wonderful photographs, and detailed instructions!

    Mrs. K

  8. I just wanted to say I ran across your site the other day and I absolutely love it! I have a 7 year old daughter and these projects will be awesome fun for her. She is quite the artist; very creative and your projects display so much of that so I know her and I will enjoy picking out things to make. Thank you for all your ideas and very thorough tutorials with pictures! There are so many projects to choose from!

  9. I found your site through pinterest and was thrilled! My children do not enjoy art at school, as they only draw step by step what the teacher draws, even though my daughter is very creative at home. I have done several of your projects at home with my children-even my son who is nine joined in the last polar bear project eagerly. Thank you so much for sharing your projects and doing such a great job with clear instructions. I want to help them appreciate art and you definitely make art enjoyable! Thanks!

  10. These are really amazing arts & crafts projects. Thanks for making my day colorful.