Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mixed Media Pumpkins

I'm going to show you 2 ways to do a mixed media pumpkin, both have lots of texture going on.

This is a mixed paper collage.

and this is made with masking tape.


- base paper, can be wc, heavy sketch, or posterboard
- mixed papers like kraft, tissue, streamers, book pages, newspaper
- masking tape
- paint, disk tempera for the paper collage and acrylic for the masking tape version
- scraps of white and black paper
- scissors
- glue
- black buttons

For the paper collage version gather up your assorted papers.

I love using white streamers, you can create some incredible texture with a streamer.

Pour a little white glue into a container.  Tear your papers into strips.  Brush some white glue on your base paper.

Start adding your strips on top of the glue.  You can have spaces where there is no strips, it will just add another variation in your collage.

Let the base paper dry, or use a hair dryer to speed it along.

Paint with disk tempera varying the colour from yellow to orange.

For the masking tape version you need regular old masking tape, whatever size you have on hand.

Rip off some lengths and tear them into strips.  Stick on your base paper.

Leave some spaces bare.

I find it helps if you turn the paper upside down as you work on it to ensure a good mix.

Paint with watered down acrylic.  The acrylic will paint over the masking tape, disk tempera only beads up on the tape.

Let dry.

An optional step is antiquing.  I use a little black and raw sienna acrylic paint and a squirt of float medium.

Now I don't want you buying special materials but you can get a little bottle of float medium and it will do a whole class as you only need a little bit.

I mix with my finger and then add a little here and there.

I did an extra piece of paper with just white streamer glued down to make the stems.

Paint with disk tempera green and brown.

When your painted papers are dry turn over and sketch out your pumpkin shape.

Cut out.

Glue onto black paper, add a stem.

Cut some circles out of white paper.  Root around your button bin for 2 black buttons, mismatched sizes look especially cute.

Glue on the eyes.

Add a mouth and some teeth.  Then you can add some text and stamps if you want.

A good display idea is to just do the pumpkin (a pumpkin patch grouping) and then when you get closer to Halloween add the faces. 

 See you next time.


  1. The masking tape makes a great texture - fantastic idea, it has me thinking of so many other ways it could be used! Thanks :)

  2. great project!! am definately adding this to our october lessons :)

  3. Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I have tried a few with my kids and they turn out beautifully.
    Where do you find the disk tempera paint? I live in Ontario and I have not been successful in locating it.

  4. Hey cheggart, at school we use a distributor called HBI, Grand and Toy also has them, I'm not sure about Staples. Scholar's Choice carries them and most art supply stores (check the yellow pages) that carry oil paints, canvas, etc. will also have a supply. If you still can't find them check out Stockade which is in Ontario and will ship, the link is here:

    Dick Blick also has open stock ones and will ship to Canada.
    Hope that helps.

  5. Wow, what a great craft you have made, the Mixed Media Pumpkins have awesome look. I like it. I want to say thanks for sharing the list of the items and tutorial for making these pumpkins.

  6. I don't have disk tempera paint. Can I use either watercolors or watered down acrylics for the mixed media collage? It is for a kid's craft.

  7. Hey Dana,
    Of course you can. Both of those options will work fine!

  8. These are wonderful! I am so glad I found your site!

  9. This would work well for turkey feathered tails too. Love this.

  10. I love the masking tape technique! Never thought of that...great textures. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Thanks. I never thought of checking Staple or Grand and Toy. If not, I'll order them online at Stockade.

  12. Hello and thank you from France ! I'm going to try this with my pupils.