Writing and Visual Arts Projects

Here are some projects that promote both writing and the Visual Arts.  Just click on the title for full instructions.


  1. Love this site! Great ideas for little ones and everyone!

  2. Thank you for so many great ideas. I especially like the step by step directions and pictures to accompany them. I am a teacher with little to no training with teaching art. I am looking for what I ought to be teaching or exposing the students to (vocabulary or art language). What scope and sequence ought I be using? I teach art to K-5 for one to two hours per week (each group) in bush Alaska. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for these amazing ideas. I teach at a Learning through the Arts School in Manitoba (my class is 6/7/8). We teach all curriculum through the infusion of arts. Your blog has inspired some great new ideas that can be infused into any subject area. Thanks so much. Love the step by step pictures and tutorials. Really helps. Wish I still lived in Calgary (my hometown) as I would certainly book you in!!

  4. This site is such an incredible resource. Thank you for sharing these projects; they are practical, engaging, and relevant to my students' coursework. I have been particularly enjoying looking through the mixed media projects. Your descriptions and step-by-step pictures make these projects feel doable for a self-proclaimed non-artist like myself! I plan to continue visiting this site with hopes of integrating art time into my weekly lesson plans. My students thank you!! (And so do I!)

  5. Hi,
    I love your blog. The link to the magazine at the side does not work. - Create with Me.
    janis www.janiscox.com Author of Tadeo Turtle

    1. Thanks Janis,
      The link is now fixed.

  6. Thank you for sharing your ideas.