Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Inchies 2012

I know you were waiting for it.......this year's Halloween inchies!

Always keep in mind that each inchie can be done larger as a full blown art project on it's own.


I'm giving you my list but just use what you have on hand and improvise.

- 6 wc paper cut into 2"x 2" inch squares (twinchies)
- 2 black paper twinchies
- 1 yellow construction paper twinchie
- disk tempera paint
- scrap of black felt
- sequins
- assorted scrap paper
- sharpies, fine and med
- yellow and black wax crayons
- mini googly eyes
- green oil pastel
- 2 yellow seed beads
- little yellow gem
- piece of string and /or thin ribbon
- white or grey stamp pad
- scrap of bubble wrap, plastic wrap, salt shaker
- little alphabet stamps
- scissors, tacky glue, hole punch

We will start with the witch hat.  Take a wc inchie and paint with green tempera.  Before it dries give it a sprinkle of salt.

When the paint is dry brush off the salt. Cut a hat out of black felt and glue onto the green inchie.  Take a scrap piece of orange paper and draw some lines with a sharpie.  Cut a little ribbon shape out of it.  Glue onto the hat and add a little yellow gem.

Now the candy bucket. Cut a little pumpkin shape out of scrap paper. Cut off the top to make it like bucket.  Out of black paper cut eyes and a mouth.  Set aside.

Out of colorful scrap paper punch a few circles and cut some little rectangles and squares.

Put some glue on a black inchie and add the circles, rectangles, and squares you just cut.  Add a piece of ribbon or string for the handle and then glue on the pumpkin shape with the eyes and mouth.

Now the bat.  Paint a wc inchie purple and while wet add a piece of plastic wrap smooshing a bit.  Leave on till dry.

You can use black tissue paper but I was out so I painted a piece of coffee filter black.

Cut out a wing shape on the fold.

Glue onto the purple inchie.  Add a black felt body.

Glue on 2 yellow seed beads for eyes and use a silver sharpie (or white/silver gel pen) to make the wing markings.

Now the witch legs.  Paint a wc inchie purple.  On a scrap of white paper draw lines with green oil pastel.  Some skinny some wide.  Paint on top with black disk tempera.

Let dry.

Cut 2 strips out of the paper with the green strips.  Make them a little wonky.

Glue onto the purple inchie leaving a gap at the bottom for the shoes.

Take a piece of black paper and fold it.  Cut a with shoe on the fold.  This will give you 2 symmetrical shoes.  Cut them apart.  Glue onto the bottom of the legs.  Add a sequin for the buckle.

For the skeleton head at school I would use my punch but you can just cut on out of paper.  Use a sharpie for the mouth and nose holes.  Punch out the eyes with a hole punch.

I had first glued it to an orange paper inchie but decided it needed more texture in the background so I took a wc inchie and added torn strips of masking tape and assorted papers.

Paint the inchie orange.  Glue on the skeleton head and add 2 mini googly eyes.

Take a wc inchie and draw a circle with a yellow wax crayon.  Go around it a few times.

Paint the inchie yellow.

Let dry.

Now paint around the circle with black paint.  The wax crayon will help resist the paint a bit making for a hazy moon.

Draw on 2 bats with a sharpie.

Next up is the spooky graveyard.  Take the yellow construction paper inchie and draw a tree with a black washable marker.

Spray or brush with water.

Cut out a little tombstone shape out of a book page.  Add RIP in sharpie.

Go over edge of tombstone with black wax crayon.  When the yellow inchie id dry glue on the tombstone.

Now the mouse. Take a black inchie and stamp on your fingerprint using the white or grey stamp pad.  You can also just use paint.

Using the end of a pencil add 2 ears with pink paint.

Cut a piece of string.  Tie a knot on one end.  Poke a little hole at the bottom of the mouse.  Pass the string thru.  Trim if needed.

Stamp on the word eek!

Finally we have the vampire.  Paint a wc inchie green.  Before the paint dries place a piece of bubble wrap on top and press down.  Leave it on till dry.

Cut a circle out of white paper.  Add a widows peak, a nose and teeth using sharpie and red pen.

Glue onto the green inchie and add 2 mini googly eyes.

Cut a bow tie out of a scrap of purple paper.  Glue on and add a sequin.

Finally mount your inchie collection on some nice paper.  I double mounted mine using silver and orange.

That's it. These inchies are so much fun!  Even if you only do 3.  Set it up as an assembly line or Halloween center in the classroom.  I can totally see doing the witch's legs as a large project this year as well.

Catch you later.


  1. I always love your inchie projects! Keep them coming.

  2. Love these inchies. Thanks to your project, I have just made a Halloween project - only a little bit bigger (25cm*25cm).

    Thank you for lots of inspiring ideas.

  3. We're a homeschooling family who looooves your blog! My boys did the fall and Halloween inchies and are truely so impressed with themselves : ) Thank you for the wonderfully detailed step-by-step instructions; they make the process more enjoyable for me. How do you do manage to do these with a class of kids??!

  4. Thanks Gail for all your fun ideas! I used the inchies at our parks and recreation's Trunk or Treat event!

  5. I tried these yesterday with an art class. They simply loved it!