Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Inchies 2014 Part 3

Hey everyone, got distracted with my gelli printing yesterday and forgot to post row 3.

Row #3


- 3 wc paper inchies
- watercolour paint or disk tempera
- acrylic paint or liquid tempera in a few fall colours
- cotton swab
- black paper and/or sticky foam
- scrap of red paper
- kleenex
- fine black sharpie or marker
- glue


First up is a little fall tree based on this project of mine.

You'll need that extra blue inchie you made or paint a new one.

Draw a tree onto your inchie.  I used pencil crayons.  These are my new favourites. A bit pricey but so easy to sharpen, no broken tips and if they fall on the floor the there's no broken lead on the inside. (as compared to my prismacolor).

Not able to buy them as a class set($$) but I did invest in a second set for my son who is loving them with all those title pages he is making this week.

Great item to use that 40% off coupon at Michaels.
Take your cotton swab and cut in half.  You now have 2 different size circles you can stamp from the ends.  Squeeze out a little acrylic of liquid tempera and stamp in some leaves.

My little sign.  Could have made it a road sign shape….next time.

Paint the inchie with a sunset background.

Start with yellow strip, then orange, and finally some red. Let them mingle a bit.

Let dry.

Cut a little arrow out of black paper or craft foam.

Stick on.

Add a black bird (silhouette) cut from black paper.  I have a punch but you could draw it in pencil and then cut it out or just draw it on with black pencil crayon or marker.

Add the word south.

Finally our little farm, ready for the harvest.

Draw in a few hills lightly with pencil.

Paint in the sky and while still wet lift out a few clouds with a kleenex.

Paint in the hills with a little green and yellow.

Take you red scrap of paper, (mine is painted on the other side) and draw out a little barn shape.

Cut out.

Using a sharpie, black marker, or black pencil crayon add roof, windows, and door.

Using pencil crayons add some produce in those fields.

Glue the barn into place.

Glue your collection onto a nice backing paper.

Trim if needed.

That's it.  I hope you give a few of these inchies a try.  You can mix and match with my other Fall set.

Take care everyone and I'll see you next week…have a great giveaway for you!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Inchies 2014 Part 2

Let's continue with our inchies.

Row #2


- 3 more wc paper inchies (2"x2")
- watercolour or disk tempera paint
- oil pastels
- black acrylic paint
- old book page
- black and orange crayon
- 2 tiny goggly eyes
- scrap of brown paper
- scrap of orange paper
- black pen
- glue


This inchie is based on a negative painting project that you can find here.

Paint an inchie with fall colours.  I'm using dim tempera.  To get a nice marbled look I first start painting in yellow, about 2/3rds of the inchie.  I then add some orange and red which will mingle a bit with the yellow.

Set aside to dry.

Draw some lines on your inchie with a black pencil crayon.

Now it's hard to get your brain to look at the negative shape so here's a trick.  Using pencil draw your leaf shapes.

Take some black acrylic paint, you don't need much, and paint around those leaf shapes.  Small brushes come in handy here.

This inchie is also based on an earlier project looking at open vs. closed composition.  You can find it here.

Take an inchie and paint it sky blue.  While you at it do a second one, we'll use it on the next row.

Let dry.

Take your old book page, trace around your inchie.  This helps you know how big to make your pear.  Draw your pear. Make a second one while your at it.

Cut out the pear shape.

Take a scrap piece of paper and put your pear shape on it.  Taking your black crayon trace around your pear. Some black crayon will get on the edge of your pear.

Add a little orange crayon to your pear.

Add some yellow watercolour or disk tempera.  Your little brush comes in handy again.  The orange crayon will resist the paint giving you a nice shading look.

While the pears are drying paint a table on your blue inchie.  I just used some diluted blue and brown to make a grey.

Glue your pears on.  I'm showing an open composition so I have one of my pears going off the side. I glue it on first and then trim.

In Canada our Thanksgiving is the 2nd Monday of October so I made a little turkey.

Take your oil pastels and make a fan shape, you could also call it a campfire.

Paint the inchie yellow with watercolour or disk tempera.  The pastel will resist the paint.

Now take your brown paper and cut out a small circle.  I have a punch so I used that. Glue on your fan, use a black pen to add the feet.  Glue on the goggly eyes.  Cut a tiny triangle from the orange paper and glue that on as well.

That's it for today.  Tomorrow we tackle the last row.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Inchies 2014

Hope everyone had a good break over summer. I had an amazing summer travelling all thru the Maritimes and Europe.

After roughly 5,000 photos (no kidding) and some incredible experiences with the family I'm back.

I spent the last week cleaning out the studio and now Fall is only days away.  Time for a new round of inchies.

I'm going to break this one down over the next 3 days.

Row #1


- 3 inchies cut from wc paper, mine are 2x2"
- watercolour or disk tempera
- scrap of yellow paper
- black sharpie pen
- pencil crayons
- little alphabet stamps
- black stamp pad
- squirrel clip art (if you can't access the link on google drive email me and I'll send it to you)
- small leaves from garden
- light yellow acrylic or liquid tempera paint


Now when I do this in school the kids work on several inchies at the same time, while some are drying we work on others, but here it's easier for me to explain one inchie at a time.

It's back to school for me on the 29th so first up is school bus inchie.

Using a pencil draw a road.

Add some blue watercolour or disk tempura to the sky.  I'm pouncing in the paint here.

Pounce in some green and yellow on both sides of the road.

Let it dry for a few minutes.

Paint the road grey.

Take your scrap of yellow paper and cut out a bus shape.  It kinda looks like your thumbnail.

Using a black sharpie pen add details, use red pencil crayon for lights, blue for windows.
Glue onto road and then add tires with sharpie.

Love all those squirrels scampering around.

Paint an inchie orange.

Add a little brown to your squirrel clipart.  I used watercolour but you could also do pencil crayon.  I left the stomach white.

Cut out.

I can't stop buying these little alphabet stamps.  I get them from Michael's for $1.50 and must have a gazillion.

I remind students to do a test with all the stamps before using. This has saved my own bacon many times…I spelt squirrel wrong on my first test!

Add S is for squirrel to your inchie.

Time for leaf prints.  If you are looking for some leaf print projects I have some great ones on my Fall page, just click on the title of the one you like and you'll get the full post.

Paint one inchie a nice deep red.  If you are pressed for time you can use red paper.

Let dry.

Hunt down some small leaves from the garden.

Using acrylic or liquid tempera paint the back side of the leaf, (you could also use a coloured stamp pad).

The second print is usually the best so make the first print on some scrap paper and then print on the red inchie.

Directions for the second row will be up tomorrow.

See you then.