Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stained Glass on Paper

This is a really easy technique that gives you a stained glass effect using paper, tempera or watercolor and glue. After my last post I received some comments advising me to try some colored glue...I gave it a try and it turned out great ...Thanks so much Toni and Gena!
Materials Required:
white school glue
black acrylic paint
paper, I used 90lb wc but heavy sketch would work as well
watercolor or cake tempera paint
masking tape

I took regular school glue this time and mixed in 2 good squeezes of black acrylic paint. I mixed it right in the glue bottle using a chopstick to stir it up.

To my surprise it became very black I was a little worried it would be milky grey. Because the glue itself will dry clear the color you add stands out very nicely.

Tape your paper down. I'm using 90lb wc paper that we use at school. A heavy sketch paper would do just fine as well as white posterboard.

Draw out your design in pencil.

My 9 yr old son agreed to be my test subject on the condition he could draw whatever he wanted...he chose Star Wars.

Trace over your design with the black glue. If you get some on the tape you can wipe it away before it dries. I left some on the tape and I had to cut it off .

My son stated " Mom.... this is way easy!!" giving his stamp of approval that Grade 4 could do this.

Let your design dry. Make sure to leave it on a flat surface.

After it has dried you can take an eraser if you want and erase any pencil lines

Paint your design. The nice thing about the glue is it keeps the paint from running into other sections .

That's all there is to it...I can see some great applications for Christmas.
Here is the one my son did....I think it turned out pretty cool !!
Thanks again Toni and Gena!
see you next time

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glue Resist Paintings

Last term I did a glue resist Dinosaur with Kindergarten.

I was impressed with the results and the kids really enjoyed seeing the Dinosaur I decided to try this technique with a more complex painting to do with the older grades.

This Sunflower seemed to work out well but this is my second effort...I had to stop myself from painting like I usually do. Please click on photo for a closer view.

I had originally thought some architecture would show up nice but because I painted in so many details and shadows like I normally do....the glue resist effect is lost.

With this technique you need to limit your paint choices and allow the glue outline to define the painting....I will continue to fiddle with it as I am hoping I can get a stained glass effect with this technique.

Draw out your sketch in pencil....I'm using watercolor paper.

Using tacky glue outline your sketch.

Let dry.

Start painting...I'm using watercolor but you can also use tempera.

I like how the glue keeps the paint where you want it....

Here I started adding more detail....the glue stands out more with dark colors.

I went back over my Sunflowers with additional water to create more of a wash...much more effective.

Well tomorrow is the first day of school...excitement is in the air, my oldest starts Junior High so I will no longer see her at the school during the day. (although I am excited for her I will miss her)

I am looking forward to creating lots of new projects and I hope you tag along.



Sunday, August 23, 2009

Painting Aspen Trees

I was looking for more applications for the tissue paper texture technique I described in my last post.....thinking about what the texture reminded me of,..... when I thought tree bark.

So here is the result. Please click on the picture for a close up view.

Now you could easily vary the background and do it in a variety of mediums...pastel, colored pencil, colored paper collage..etc.

Here is this version.

Materials Required:

tissue textured paper as described in this post
watercolor paper
watercolor of tempera paint
masking fluid (optional)

Prepare a tissue textured piece of watercolor paper following the directions in the previous post.

Let dry.

Turn over and draw some tree trunk shapes in pencil running down the length of the paper.

Now Aspen trunks tend to be narrow and fairly big curves.

Cut out your trunks.

Take a piece of watercolor paper for your background and tape off. Add a few pieces of tape to your tree trunk....this is just temporary so you can trace in where the trunk will be. Don't worry if the trunk is too long for your paper we'll deal with that.

Using pencil lightly trace where you have put your trunk...before you lift it off the paper....mark cutting lines at the top and bottom of the trunk. Trim to fit.

Also mark on the back of the tree its location and put a corresponding mark on the background. This makes it easier later on when you're gluing the trunks on the background.

Try to make a nice placement without them looking perfectly lined up....I placed them a little off kilter.

Paint your sky.

While the sky is drying I painted in my foreground...paint right over where the trees are going in. I also added some mask at this time..I wanted some aspen trees in the distance so I masked out some fine lines for the trunks.

Let dry.

While the background and mask is drying you can start painting your tree trunks...I placed 1/2 the trunk in shadow using some blue and brown mixed together.

Add some dark scarring on the trunk...some fine lines..make them a bit concave to depict the roundness of the trunk.

You can also add some splatter.

Click on picture for closer look.

I placed my trunk on the picture to get an idea of where I wanted some supplementary branches.

Make sure you carry the branch into the trunk area marked off on your don't want to have any gaps.

When everything is dry you can remove the mask..add a little extra shading in the masked area if needed.
Remove the tape around the edges.
Now you are going to glue down your tissue textured tree trunks...say that fast 3 times!!!

I'm using tacky glue but you could also use acrylic gel medium. Do Not Use A Glue won't stay stuck.

With the tacky glue I'm scraping it with an old plastic card to make sure I get it to the edges and only have a very thin layer.

Carefully put into position.

When your trunks are in place you can place a piece of wax paper over your painting......

And then place some books to compress it flat while it is drying.

That's it....I think it turned out pretty I considering all the possibilities for this technique.
At school I can easily see myself doing this with the kids..I might just change the background.
Give it a go and I'll see you next time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tissue Paper Textured Paintings

Today I was trying out a new lesson for school...using tissue paper to texture a landscape before painting.

The mountain kinda of paints itself as you add color the tissue paper gives you definition. I still have to try this out on my own TEST subjects yet....but here is the how to :

Click on photo for a closer view.

Materials Required:

watercolor paper
white tissue paper
old credit or gift card
watercolor or tempura paint

Take some watercolor paper....I'm using 140lb but at school I'll only have 90lb so I will probably mount it onto some thin cardboard to minimize buckling.

Draw out a quick sketch of your mountain for a guide.

Take plain white tissue paper and rip into some strips and triangular shapes. You don't want to have any perfectly straight edges.

Squeeze out some can find this at Wal Mart or at Michael's....its like really thick acrylic paint that is kinda of chalky...its used to prime canvas before painting.

Apply to your paper using an old credit card or one of those numerous gift/bonus cards you have lying around.

Apply to your mountain area in a cross hatching are building up in small areas of about 5 inches

Apply a piece of tissue...scrunching it as you lay it down to give it some texture. Don't worry if it goes off the edge you can trim these edges when it dries.

Apply some gesso on top of the tissue as well.

You can also add texture just with the gesso itself adding some globs here and there,

Here I'm trying some bubble wrap for a different texture type.

Let your paper fully dry.

Trim off those edges.

Start painting...I added the sky can use watercolor or tempura cake paint.

Here I'm lifting off paint with a kleenex to form always love this step as it's like magic.

When the sky has dried add in your mountain you add color the tissue texture will be revealed.

Make sure to vary your colors with light and dark shades...don't paint the mountain all one color. I used blue, brown, and black.

I also added some trees in green tones as well as some yellow.

Here is another one I tried but I think this technique worked better on the mountain.

It was fun and an interesting twist.

see you next time