Thursday, April 26, 2012

Art Gala Night

Tonight was Art Gala night at a school I recently completed an art residency always amazing to see the work all nicely displayed. Kudos to all the hard work by the teachers!

Please click on the photos to see larger.

These papier mache sculptures were done by Grade 4/5.  I love the stories they wrote to go along with them...great presentation.

This class also did glue resist Ted Harrison landscapes.

and Dreamcatchers.

This is from the another Grade 4/5 class.  They also made papier mache sculptures as well as First Nation inspired landscapes.

We also did pastel resist animal portraits.
This grade 4/5 class did papier mache masks, the sketches we used for planning were also displayed.

They also made glue batik animal banners......
Fabric markers were used to add fine lines for definition.
This class also made woven eye animals as well.
Grade 2 made nautical canvases which I have showed you before but I love the presentation here with the details of the unit they studied in science.
Grade 1 displayed their Koinobori and pastel resist butterflies.
Further down the hall was their city skylines.
That was all the photos that turned out for me, school lighting is always tough.  Great job everyone!

I also wanted to show you some photos sent to me by Gina S. a Grade 3 teacher from Aurora Ontario of her school's recent Art Gala.

Love the addition of tissue paper blossoms on these Spring Trees for that 3D effect.
Here they displayed their woven trees hanging down the halls.
Thanks Gina for sending me the pictures!  I always love seeing the application of the projects.  Your students should be very proud.

See you soon.

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