Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pastel Resist Butterflies

Here is another pastel resist project. I love these resists....so much you can find a fish one here and a Madonna one here.

Grade 1 is working on their Butterfly unit right now they even have several chrysalis in the classroom that they are patiently watching.

Materials Required:
white paper
tempera paint
pipecleaner for antennae

I talked to the kids first about designing their butterflies. We wanted butterflies with some pattern on them like a Monarch..not one that was a solid color.

The drew out their design in pencil first and then using pastel colored in the butterfly.

We then took their finished drawing and crumpled it into a ball like we were throwing it out ( the kids always love this part ).
You now need to uncrumple it and smooth it flat.
Using some watery tempera we painted over the whole design..the pastel resists the paint making a cool "beading up" pattern on the butterfly.

We put them aside to dry....we were cutting ours out but if you don't care to make sure you paint the background fully.

When they are dry you can cut them out. We taped a pipecleaner to the back for the antennae




  1. It looks like your students really got into this project and I am very curious about the tee the little boy in blue is wearing - looks like that was designed by hand too! Was that a class I missed?
    Pam Harris

  2. Thanks Pam
    That shirt had a single contour line that ran over the shirt outlining different things like the airplane on the back...wasn't my design I think it was purchased but it would make a neat project.

  3. Hi! I am looking for a lesson plan using coloured glue (black) and paint to create butterflies. I thought it was on your site but when I came back today to look I can't find it.

    Any ideas?

  4. Hey Kjersti, that lesson plan is at this post