Friday, September 30, 2011

Migrating Ducks Art Project and Giveaway Results

I know you are anxious for the giveaway results and I have kept you waiting almost all day.......but I've been working on this Duck project.

So first we'll do the ducks and then giveaway at the end

So maybe you remember that set of ceramic ducks on the wall of your Grandma's house, I sure do!

Why not make it an art project...perfect for Fall.  The ducks haven't left yet but it's only a matter of time.

This is a set on painted cardboard which you could also make out of paper......

...and for the little guys you can make this handprint duck.

So let's get started.

First up the set of three:


- templates, optional as you can always make your own but if you want mine
- Large duck Template#1  so this one is so big I have to give it to you in 2 parts
- Large duck Template #2
- Medium duck Template #3
- Small duck Template #4
- thin cardboard (cereal box)
- pencil, scissors
- gesso
- paint, I used acrylic
- Mod podge to seal
- wire/tape for hanging


Using your templates trace out your 3 ducks on to your cardboard.

Cut out.

I gave mine a coat of Gesso.

Let dry.

Now start painting.  I used acrylics so I want to put in my base coat colors first and then add my fine details and shading.

When you are finished painted add a coat or two of ModPodge.  This will give the cardboard extra weight and protect it for years to come.

Add a hanger on the back.

Now you can easily make these out of  posterboard instead and get the kids to use pastel or colored pencil.

Next up Handprint Ducks:


- white wc paper
- blue tempera disk paint
- template, you can use mine,  Handprint Duck Template #5
- colored paper
- brown liquid tempera paint
- googly eye, optional
- glue
- scissors
- pastels or colored pencils


Tape down your wc paper on to your art board.

Paint in your blue background with tempera disk paint.

Let dry.

Using the template or designing your own cut out the body parts for your duck.

Glue onto your background in the center, make sure you have room for your handprints.

For the eye you can glue on a googly one or make one out of black paper and a hole punch.

Take some brown tempera paint and place on a plate.  Shake a little to make the paint flatten a bit so you have a large surface to place your hand in to.

Dip hand in to paint and then make print on the paper.

We had our thumbs closest to the body which means you have to get both hands messy. (Oh what fun!!)

Wash up!

After paint is dried come in with some pastel or colored pencil to add a few details.  As you can see we did it before the handprints but found we had to come back in again to add some to the wings so do it after.

That's it.
Some great looking DUCKS!

Incidently I got carried making templates so here are a few other ducks you could use:

Template #6 a
Template #6 b
Template #7

On to the Giveaway for this wonderful book: "Learn World Calligraphy".

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"Hello Gail,

I follow your posts religiously and would love to receive this awesome resource."
Thanks everyone for entering and we will see you the meantime make some ducks!


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