Monday, October 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Batiks

Well Thanksgiving is just one week away and we were busy making our turkey shirts using the Gel Glue Batik method.  You can also check out the Fall Batik that I do with Grade 3 every year.

I also made a table runner.  I used some fabric I had on hand that had a nap to it and unfortunately it didn't take the paint as well as I would have liked.


- fabric or T shirts
- pencil
- cardboard and wax paper
- washable gel glue, I get mine from the Dollar store
- acrylic craft paint
- paintbrush
- water
- tub for soaking
- dryer

Before starting lay your fabric on top of wax paper.  If you are doing a shirt slide a piece of wax papered cardboard inside to prevent the glue from transferring to the back of the shirt.

As I've shown you many times we start off putting our design on in pencil first.

We then go in with our gel glue and go over our lines as well as anyplace we want to remain white or the original color of the fabric.

I buy my gel glue from the Dollar Store but you can also use Elmer's Gel School glue.
If you find the bottle too difficult for your little ones to squeeze just put some in a little cup and use a paintbrush.

Your lines will be a bit thicker but I find it works quite well.

Let the glue dry flat overnight and then using acrylic craft paint and some added water to make it flow well paint in your design.

The glue will resist the paint.

Let dry.


Soak in hot water, I use my laundry tub, until the glue dissolves.  Sometimes I need to scrub it a little on the spots where there are gobs of glue.

Put in the dryer and you're done!

Wear your Turkey shirt with pride.


  1. Neat!! I may make myself a tshirt!!

  2. Love this idea! Such a nice, artistic effect!

  3. Are there special washing instructions for after it's worn?

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Wash as usual with like colours, warm or cold water. Good luck with the project!

  4. Do you need to heat set the paint before washing? Can you put the glue on 48 hours in advance?

    1. You do not need to heat set before washing and you can put the glue on 48 hrs before. I have often done the gluing with a class and don't get to the painting until the following week. Have fun!

  5. Did you tie dye after you painted or before? Does the tie dye mess up the paint?

    1. We didn't use any tie dye, the entire front of the shirt is painted. Just make sure to water down the paint a bit to make it easier to paint large areas. Hope that helps.