Monday, September 26, 2011

Turkey Line Drawing

It will be Thanksgiving here in Canada in a few weeks so I thought I better put a few related projects up.

This is a good project for Grades 4 and up.  Now usually we describe a contour line as an outline but here we are also using line to represent texture and a sense of 3 dimensional mass.

This is a good project to get kids to focus on details but in a very easy manner.

- dark colored paper, I used dark brown, dark colors contrast best with the white lines
- white tempera paint, white pencil crayon, white gel pens, or even white crayon
- turkey reference photos, feathers for reference
- pencil and eraser

Draw out your outline in pencil.

Starting with that outline apply white paint.

When the outline is done start working on each feather section.  You want to add some variety here so the feathers will look distinct from one another.

Color in some sections, use bold lines, thin lines, curved lines, straight lines just keep it consistent for each section.

When the tail is done start working on the body.  You want to emphasize the roundness.  Take your time.

That's it, although it appears quite complicated once you get started it's really not that hard.


  1. Beautiful, I bet you could use white pens too but this is a great way to use up white watercolor!

  2. A great project to reinforce line and pattern. It's also nice to see I'm not the only one who uses tempera discs! I find them so convenient for large classes!

  3. Excellent lesson as always! Do you have a turkey template for people like me who are artistically challenged? Thank-you for your great work!

  4. I did this on black paper with a copper paint pen & it looked awesome! It's fun to try out new colors and things!