Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wool Roving Bunnies

Here are some easy wool roving bunnies to make this Easter.

This one looks just thrilled to be pushing the egg!


- small wooden beads about the diameter of a dime
- paint
- hole punch and scrap paper
- fine sharpie
- small pompom for nose and a larger one for the tail
- tacky glue
- 2 pipe cleaners for each bunny, a spare one for painting
- small amount of wool roving

Slide some beads on your spare pipe cleaner and paint the color you want your bunny to be.

When dry make some eyes using a hole punch and glue on.  Draw on the whiskers and mouth with a sharpie.

Take one of the pipe cleaners and form the ears.

Twist together.

Take the other pipe cleaner and twist an arm.

Make the other arm.

Slide on the head, you can bend the ears if you want.

Twist the arms on to the pipe cleaner with the head.  The 2 ends will form the legs and feet.

Wrap some wool roving around the body.

It should look like this.

Glue on the tail.

Make a collection!


  1. These are adorable! I will have to save this for nexrt year - but love them

  2. Gail, these are just adorable! They really remind me of the images you'd find on old Victorian Easter cards. Great job! :)