Thursday, April 21, 2011

Student Work - Easter

So here are the Easter Bonnet Portraits the Grade 2's completed yesterday.
Click on Picture to see Larger.

and here is the Pysanky by Grade 3.  They follow my tutorial found here.

These are the eggs Grade 2 made with their intro to Pysanky.  I let them make their own designs as they are just getting a feel for it and then next year they try the pattern.
Incredible work everyone! Have a Happy Easter and we'll start on all the Mother's Day Projects next week.


  1. I desire deeply to one day come and walk down the halls next to classroom and gaze at all the amazing art you get your kiddos to would be a real treat! :0)

  2. Kids will surprise you with what they can do,so amazing,Thank's great job,,

  3. I love the Grade 3 class' eggs - they look so beautiful together.