Monday, April 25, 2011

Mother's Day Mixed Media

If you are in need of a good "Mother's Day" project for your class this is it!

Last year I did a "Captured my Heart" project with Grade 1,( it was originally designed for Valentine's Day but the Grade 1 teacher wanted it for Mother's Day).

At the last minute I needed to do a similar project for the other Grade 1 class but did not have enough frozen juice containers.  I opted for these simple frames....well I never had so many Moms come up to me, thanking me for this project. 

I revamped it a bit for this year based on some difficulties we had.

So here is the tutorial for the new and improved "Captured my Heart".

You need a wooden frame.  I buy mine from Michael's they run about $1.00 a piece.

Remove the cardboard from the center but don't throw it out, you'll need it later.

Using acrylic craft paint paint them a nice "Mom" color.
- the kids had on painting shirts
- they are placed on wax paper to dry
- the inner rim and sides must also be painted
Other than a few girls who decided to paint their hair a bit it was an easy task. (Note to Self:  Bring ponytail holders for girls with longish hair )

Take some watercolor or heavy sketch paper and use the cardboard insert to trace out a background.  Hold on to that cardboard insert to use as a backing for later.

Paint your paper a nice sky blue using tempera or acrylic.

Sponge on a few clouds.

Now last year I had the kids stamp on the words......because it was from an ink pad we couldn't Mod Podge it for a nice shiny finish (it would have smudged).......I felt it really needed that nice shiny finish, we also had some smudged words because the kids had some difficulty with the stamps so this year......

...we'll use letters and words printed on colored paper that the kids will cut out and glue into place.  The font I used is CurlyQ.  The letters are size 48 and the words are size 28.

Now I took a picture of each student sitting on a table in this position.

I then printed each one out on plain paper.  Because the frame holds a 4 x 6, I sized the photo to be 3.5 x 5

This made the image small enough to work.

I cut out each photo for the kids and they glued it into place.

Now for the wings.  Last year I stamped them onto manila tag and the kids colored them in.

This year I'll get them to design there own using a template.  You can check out my wing designs.

Add some color to your wings with paint or colored pencil.  Cut out and glue into place.

Add a heart.  Last year we used some jewelled hearts I had left over from Valentine's but this year we will make our own.  Check out some of these hearts from the Valentine Inchie project for ideas.

Finally you can Mod Podge the frame and the picture for a nice finished look.  Do them separately and make sure they are on wax paper. (It only took me 3 years to realize that projects photograph better for the blog without the Mod Podge and to add it after)

That's it!


  1. These are really adorable. I would have loved something like this when my girls were little.

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [26 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  3. I just found your blog through one that showed glue batik and had a link to your instructions! Oh, my! You've posted a lot of fun stuff here!

  4. Your students AND their parents are so blessed to have you as a teacher. Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. I love your site. Thank you so much for sharing, including the grade and being so clear in your instructions!

  6. My students loved making this project and were very proud to take it home to mom.

  7. Hello, new to your site, think it's wonderful!! Just one question . . . what is mod podge please and when would you use it?

    Thanks, we've an African arts week at my school in July and are attempting your lovely batik designs.

    Keely Fuller

  8. Love your site, and loved this project! Thank you for sharing your expertise!!
    Thought I'd share a variation: we added the words "Maman - grace a toi, je vole" to the frames (thanks to you, I'm flying). Made a few moms cry this year! Thanks again for the great ideas.