Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Inchies: Classroom Results

A few posts back I presented a Valentine Inchie idea and I wanted to show the results with Grade 2......Click on picture to see larger.

I know, I know there is a space but it's that last kid who has been away and just finished hers, we are letting it dry and then the board will be full!

Now I first tried doing this in small groups, at one table, square by square.....that didn't work it took us an hour just to do our I thought it thru and set it up in centers, the kids rotated making their squares and it worked like a charm.

We did 9 stations for backgrounds first and when they dried we did 9 stations for the features.

Of course the splatter station was the most popular but with a little convincing managed to get the kids in line to work on their other squares while waiting.

The kids had a blast and are already asking when we can do another art project like that again.....they really liked having to move from station to station.

Great job Grade 2!!


  1. This definitely appeals to the quilter in me!!

  2. I'm working to figure out all 9 backgrounds. I think I have 8 so far:
    bubble wrap
    saran wrap
    splatter painting
    text from a book
    stamps and watercolor
    wax resist
    salt on watercolor
    tissue paper
    and is #9 marble rolling?

    They turned out great! we may try a 6 square version to fit our time constraints

  3. Great to make those inchies for Valentine! I did inchies with my students a year ago and worked about the same way. I used a lot of materials and asked students to bring little things from home. If you like you can read the full post here:

  4. So the splatter station was a big hit :-)

    I once did a Jim Dine exercise with heart and different materials.

    The coloured sand station was a big hit ...

  5. Btw: I'm a new follower and a new art-teacher blogger :-)

  6. WOW I love this idea! What a great open ended way to show them a variety of techniques and let them go wild with creativity! They turned out all so beautiful too! I bet they loved it! I can't wait to try this with my classes!

  7. nice! They turned out great! I might try this with an Easter Egg theme? And, yes, feel free to post my pics from the Parisian theme :)

  8. Love the stations idea!! It really keeps the kids occupied and interested with no down time.

  9. Love the idea! How did you store them to dry?