Monday, August 30, 2010

More Paris

Well I'm back from Paris after a whirlwind 10 days. Still struggling with jet lag and trying to get organized for school which starts in 3 days.

It's hard to belive so much history, culture, architecture, and art can be contained in one city.....truly inspiring.
If you bear with me I just have to post a few more pictures......

Here is the main gate to Versailles. Originally a hunting lodge for the King it became the main palace for Louis the 14th.  Please feel free to click on the photos to see larger.

Inside you once again find yourself staring at ceilings......

Here is a portrait of Marie-Atoinette who was married to Louis the 16th.

This is the famous Hall of Mirrors 70 metres long with an amazing ceiling and mulitplie works of art.

The treaty of Versailles was ratified here in 1919 ending World War 1.

Here is a gallerie at the Grand Trianon or the summer palace which is in walking distance of the main palace.

Here is my photo of the Louvre back at the old palace in the Tuileries quarter.

Here is the "Wedding Feast at Cana" by Polo Caliari or Veronese which is in the same room as Mona but tends to get overlooked.  Veronese packed 130 life sized figures onto this 7x10 metre canvas. I loved the cat in the bottom right hand corner.

Another favorite is Coronation of Josephine by Jacques-Louis David.  Another 6x10 metre canvas that you need to see to appreciate.

 and a view of the Arc de Triomphe from the street.
That's it for now.  My husband has the bulk of the photos but he is still in Europe.  My head is buzzing with ways I can incorporate everything I saw into new projects. Thanks for suffering thru the vacation photos and I hope to have new tutorials up shortly.

P.S. sorry for all the spam in the comments section but it seems I have been targeted by some unscrupulous vendors........I'll try to keep a handle on it. They are just so annoying...I'm averaging about 8 a day.
See you soon!


  1. Welcome home, Gail!
    We are enjoying your pictures from Paris so much! Please, if you get some more, do post them for us to share. Glad you are back home.

  2. Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures!

  3. Hi.
    Marie-Antoinette was by the way married to Louis XVI, grandson of Louis XV (the well-beloved), not to the sun king (XIV). Since Lois XV was Louis XIV great grandson, Louis XVI was the sun kings great, great, great grandson.
    Just for your information :P

    Beautiful pictures!

    1. Thanks for the clarification, I was getting mixed up with all the Louis.