Monday, August 16, 2010

An Adventure in Paris

Well I am off to Paris tomorrow where I plan on spending lots of time here at the Louvre as well as Orsay, the  Musee Orangerie, the Musee Rodin etc, etc,......

This is my first visit so I am very excited to immerse myself into all this culture and history. As well as a chance to try out my rusty French.

I plan to blog along to keep my family up to date so if you are interested you can tag along.

Au revoir and I'll see you soon!


  1. It would be a dream for me to go anywhere in France (or Europe for that matter), but Paris... Wow!

    Au revoir et bonne vacances!

  2. Visited Paris (& the Louvre) for the first time this year. AMAZING. I could have spent my entire time in the Louvre. Enjoy your trip to Paris!

  3. Have a FABULOUS trip! I am sure it will be very inspirational!!!


  4. Paris is the most romantic city, I've been there several times. Musée d'Orsay is terrific. And just sitting on one of those big chairs in Jardin Luxembourg, watching people walking by, is nice too.
    Have a wonderful time!

  5. Wow I can't wait to see the lessons you will create from everything you absorb in Paris! Enjoy!

  6. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  7. Oh! Paris! That is the place of my dream. I am so thankful that you post a picture of Paris in your blog. It is just so amazing and so fascinating. I wish I can visit that wonderful place.