Saturday, July 12, 2008

Watercolor on the Deck

5x7 140lb WCpaper
Well it is a beautiful day in Calgary so I thought I would get some daily practice painting on the deck.

It wasn't long before the kids decided that they wanted to paint too. We found a picture of a curlew in my reference photos and got to work. I enjoy painting birds as they are some of my favorite creatures however we are still practicing.

This is by my middle son.
This by my oldest

and mine. Like I said we are practicing.
65lb vellum bristol

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  1. How nice that your children would actually sit down and paint--and what great paintings!
    My "husband" Peter took his parents (his mom was dying of cancer) to the Keys last year for an impromptu vacation; Peter's sister and her daughter went too. I couldn't go but sent a watercolor set with them ... Each one painting a picture of a palm tree. we framed the five together, and it's now a wonderful remembrance of Peter's mom.