Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy Easter Art Project

I had honestly thought I posted this project years ago....oh well this one's for you Kim!  (you'll notice a theme here with the last post)

I have been immersed in Pysanky classes for about 2 weeks now.  Usually not all students will finish at the same time.  You have your ones who race to the finish, those who try to take as much time as they can, and then everyone in between.

As the kids finish their Pysanky egg they then can complete this pastel resist paper egg.

You then have a nice display for your bulletin board.

This is Grade 1.


- white paper, use heavy sketch or wc
- pencil and eraser
- oil pastels
- disk tempera paint
- scissors

Draw a large egg shape on your paper.  For the younger grades you can provide them with a template.

Sketch out your own Pysanky design in pencil.  You want fairly large shapes.

Use the oil pastels to add some color to your egg.  Bright colors show up best including white.

Keep some areas of the egg uncolored.

You can also outline the egg shape.

Using watery disk tempera (a wash) paint over the entire egg.  The pastel areas will resist the paint.

When dry cut the egg out.

That's it.  Before you know it you'll have dozens of decorated eggs.

Here are some pictures of our Pysanky in process.

This is Grade 2.

Here are the Grade 3 eggs waiting for the wax to be taken off.

And even though I'm teaching Pysanky all day long I come home and work on my own eggs with my kids as well.
I'll have some completed Pysanky pictures for you Friday.  In the meantime why not do a large pastel resist paper egg!

See you soon.


  1. i love love love love your blog

  2. Love this! We adopted our daughter from Ukraine 2 years ago and this year I wanted to try to make some pysankys. I realize my 2 youngest won't be able to do the egg, but your pastel resist idea is perfect!

  3. I just discovered your blog. I loved it!
    These days off I do with my little activity. Just great.
    A greeting from Barcelona

  4. Great idea!I'm a Ukie and I've been trying to do a good egg for about 30 years. This is a much more kid-friendly project. Thank you!

  5. Gorgeous! I am posting this tomorrow....not as beautiful as yours though!

  6. I love sharing pysanky with adults and children! And this resit idea is fabulous!

    What is the material you are using for the egg holder? I love that idea! That's one of the biggest problems, rolling eggs!

  7. Hey Jennifer,
    The material is just that anti slip shelf liner and the egg holders are curtain rings that I found.

  8. I did the paper eggs with grade 3's this week, the kids loved them! please go check them out!

  9. Would I be able to use crayons and a watered-down liquid tempera or watercolors if that is all I have? Love it! Thanks!

    1. Hey anonymous, Wax crayons will give you the resist and I would go with the watercolours. You can give the watered down liquid tempera a try but sometimes it's still too opaque to get the resist to show thru. Good luck

  10. Love you! I am Ukrainian and have been teaching this as art teacher as STEAM and enrichment for last 20 years k-12, then alsoon weekends at the library for the 4-99!