Friday, September 26, 2014

Nature File Folder Book: Part 2

We continue on with the Nature file folder book.

These are the first inner pages.


- acrylic or tempera paint
- cotton swabs (Q-tips) or extra pencil with eraser on end
- nature stamps
- white paper
- old book page
- plastic wrap
- scrapbooking paper scraps
- straw
- spray paint or inks if you have them otherwise you can use sponges
- yellow paper 
- black buttons
- pinecone pips, optional
- scrap of yellow felt
- coloured feathers


We now have to paint the inside pages.

The first inner page has a big sky section and and a strip of grass.

For the 2 middle pages the kids chose whatever colours they wanted.

The last page needed blue on top section and bluish green for bottom section.

When the paint has dried paint a nice tree with black acrylic or liquid tempera.

Using a cotton swab or pencil end dab on some leaves in fall colours.

The 2 middle pages are where a lot of info gets added in science class.  Tuck in the bookmark, add tabs, tags, and cards.

I had some nature stamps so they kids used these to decorate these pages.

Take 6"x3" or so sized paper and paint a light green with disk tempera. This will be your frog so pick whatever colours work for you.

While the paint is still wet lay a piece of plastic wrap on top and scrunch it a bit.  Leave on to dry.

While your paints are out paint an old book page with some stripes.

We will use it to make the reeds in the pond.

Now we are going to use some scrapbooking paper to make the rocks.  We also used some extra painted paper I had on hand or you can paint some.

Cut out the rocks.  Add a fish if you want.

Add some bubbles using a straw and some white paint.

Cut some reeds out of the painted paper or scraps you have.

Glue into place.

Cut out a frog from the paper you previously painted.  Add some details in black pencil crayon or fine marker.  Glue on a goggly eye.

You could also make your frog sitting on a lily pad if you wanted.

I had some butterfly embellishments from the Dollar store so we added as well.

Back Cover:

Take a piece of brown kraft paper (about 5"x 7") and spray on some paint or ink.  You could also sponge on some colour.

This will be our owl body.

When dry turn over and make an owl body.  Cut out.

Time for the eyes. Cut out a large white circle, a smaller yellow circle, and then add a black button.

To make the feathers we painted some of the pips taken off a large pinecone.

If you don't have these available you could just make them from paper.

Glue owl onto back page.  Add some coloured feathers (Dollar store) for the wings.

Using a scrap of felt cut out a triangle beak.

Glue on the feathers.

You can add some text to label your owl.

That's it……I know a lot of steps but what a great book at the end that ties into science.

Here is some student work in progress.

See you next time.


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  1. This looks like so much fun. Love all the bright colors!