Saturday, September 7, 2019

Flower Letters

Welcome back to school everyone!

I have been seeing a lot of these flower letters lately but wasn't sure how successful it would be as a school project.

So I came up with an art hack to make it a bit easier.  Click on image to see larger.


- good painting paper, more about this in a minute
- disk tempera paint
- smallish paint brushes
- letters cut out with a cricut, Ellison machine, or just old fashioned template
- glue
- pencil


The paper I am using is this white construction paper by SunWorks.  I really like it.  The white is not actually construction paper but more like a good quality sketch paper with a bit of texture.  It works well as a student painting paper..... you will still have some buckling but it is much better than just regular paper.  It's cheap too :)

By all means you can use watercolour paper (wc) if you have it but it's pricey and out of most schools budgets these days.

First the HARD way, I traced out a letter on the paper in pencil.

Then using disk tempera and a small brush I began adding leaves and flowers. You need to maintain the edges of the letter so you need to be very careful while painting.

You also need way more flowers and leaves then you might think to get a good impression of the letter.

I don't know about you but I was thinking there has got to be an easier way for students.

So now the EASY way:

I still traced out a letter....

But this time I didn't really worry about maintaining the edges of my letter I just started painting.

I did this one with just leaves but again I am not worried about my edges.

I then take my letter tracer and trace and cut a letter out of poster board or painting paper. (You can also use your cricut or Ellison machine)

I then glue it into place on my painting.

I get the same effect but much easier.

Here is a side by side for you to compare.

Now you don't just have to do flowers. I did the all leaf one, a cactus one, and a sunflower one.

Here is a little cheat sheet on how I painted everything. (click to see larger)

Hope that gives you some inspiration and I will see you next time.



  1. Love this project! I have seen this created with quilling but never thought of painting.. .thank you for sharing....very inspirational.

  2. I like the second one best and that's how I would choose to do it but if you did it the third way I wonder how it would look if you put the letter on with dimensionals. Or make about 3 layers of the letter and stacking them before gluing it on. Interesting.