Friday, December 2, 2016

Mini Santa

It's that time of year again......I am knee deep in preparations for Christmas Craft Day. 

420 kids doing 12 crafts on one spectacular day.

I have some new crafts this year that I will be posting on the blog.

First up this mini Santa.  He is only 15 cm or 6 inches high.  Made with easy to find items from the Dollar store.

Let's get started:


- red solo shooter cups
- Styrofoam head, around 4cm or 1.5"
- flesh coloured acrylic paint, or you could mix your own with brown, pink and white
- black sticky craft foam
- snow fabric from Dollar store
- red fleece fabric
- white and red (or pink) pompom, 10mm or .39"
- 2 googly eyes
- scrap of black paper and gold glitter paper
- white fun fur
- tacky glue
- plastic knife


The body of the Santa is this red shot glass I got at the Dollar store.  Still very affordable.

I also bought snow fabric and I cut it into strips about 15 cm or 6 " long and fairly skinny (1.5 cm or .5").

Glue along rim of cup.

I then add the belt.  From a sheet of black sticky back craft foam I cut a slender strip the short way.  I cut that strip in half, peel away backing and stick to cup just below that line on the cup.

Now I also bought these Styrofoam heads.

For craft day we paint these ahead of time.  Easiest way is to stick them on a skewer paint and then stick skewer into a Styrofoam block to dry.

With 420 I will do this over several days.

When the head is dry slice a little off the bottom to make it flat.  I just use a plastic knife.

Put glue on top of shot glass and then stick flat end of head into the glue.

Now add some hair (it also helps us glue on the hat).

I take that same snow fabric and pull it a bit to make a clump.  Put some glue on top of head and press hair in place.

You then can glue on the googly eyes and pompom nose.

For the beard I use some white fun fur.  You want the short kind, just a bit fuzzy.  If you can't find any you could use white fleece fabric.

I cut an oval and then glue into place.

Now it's time to add a hat.  The hat starts as a triangle of red fleece fabric.

The bottom is about 13 cm or 5 " long and the sides are 10 cm or 4".  If you curve the sides a bit it makes a better hat.

For school I pre glue the hat with a glue gun so it's ready to be attached to the head.

Put some glue inside the hat rim....

and then place on the hair.  The hair helps it stay in place.

Add the white pompom to the top of the hat.

Almost finished just have to add the belt buckle.

Cut a small square from some gold glitter paper.

Cut a tiny square from some scrap black paper and glue into center of glitter paper.

Glue the buckle on to the belt and your mini Santa is done.

These can decorate your tree or sit on the mantle.  You could even use them as place settings for your Christmas dining table.

Hope you make a few and I can't wait to see the hundreds of them being made on Craft day.



  1. OMG, can I please come to Christmas Craft Day????? lol. Sounds like great fun!!

  2. I just love your projects. It is just great what you do for your students.

  3. Great idea! I will be doing this with my grade 5's. I am wondering if regular white glue would work? Also, do you think the fake snow fabric could work for the beard? I am not sure where to get the "fun fur". Thanks again for your ideas!