Monday, May 30, 2016

Flower Inchies

This spring I have done this flower inchie series with both Grade 3 and Grade 5, (different schools).

Amazing results.  As always each inchie represents a stand alone art project that you can do in larger form.


- wc paper, I used a 140lb cut into 3"x3" squares
- disk tempera
- acrylic paint
- white glue
- oil pastels
- a few buttons
- black beads
- black paper for mounting


First up is the close crop.

1) Draw in pencil a close cropped view of a flower. Reference photos are always helpful.
2) With oil pastels do a bit of outlining.
3) Paint flower and background with disk tempera paint.

Painted Paper Collage

1) Paint a wc square a nice background colour with disk tempera.
2) Out of painted paper scraps cut flower petals. I have a stash of painted paper.  Whenever we paint we use up excess paint or paint extra to add to the stash.
3) Glue onto background and add a center.  Glue on a few beads as well to the center.

Black Glue Sunflower
1) Draw a sunflower on wc paper with pencil.
2) Go over lines with black glue.  I have a class set of black glue.  You can make it yourself by adding a few squirts of black acrylic paint into a white glue bottle. Shake and you are ready to go. I use the same set and just refill as needed.
Set aside to dry overnight, make sure it is lying flat.
3) Paint in with disk tempera.

Abstract Bouquet

1) Using acrylic paint I painted an orange splotch and blue background.
2) I added some dark purple parts to the splotch and then used it to show shadow side of vase.
3) I added a little green into splotch. I then took a little white paint and mixed a lighter version of both the orange and blue. I added the lighter blue into the background further defining the vase. I added the lighter orange into the splotch.

Drywall Flower 
1) Draw a flower shape onto cardboard and cut out.  Make sure it fits on wc square.
2) Cover with a little bit of drywall filler.
3) Set aside to dry overnight.

4) Paint background square. I used turquoise and green disk tempera.
5) Lay on a crumpled piece of wax paper. I then turn it over keeping the wax paper in place and put a magazine or something on top, (not too heavy). Leave to dry.

Next day:

6) Paint drywall flower with acrylic paint.
7) Glue on background.  Add some buttons in the center.

This is one of my favourite painting projects to do with kids in the large form.  Do a practice drawing with the kids first.
1) Draw the stamen. It's like a horn or banana shape with dots or grapes at the point.

2) Next draw a petal, a ruffly rounded triangle shape.
3) A hibiscus needs 5 petals.

4) Do drawing on a wc square.
5) Add some oil pastel (white and yellow) to stamen.
6) Paint the background. I used blue and purple disk tempera.

7) Add a touch of red and pink disk tempera above the stamen.
8) Use a clean brush and wet it in some clean water. Just touch the edge of the center and pull out into the petal. You just want a subtle colour here. Repeat for all 5 petals.

That's it.

A great spring or summer art project.



  1. I enjoy your emails. This is a great idea. I have two grandkids that are 11 and 9 and have stopped painting sea shells. lol When they were younger, we have done a few of your projects. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love your flower art and all the colours :-)
    Also I like your Header :-)
    Have a lovely evening.

  3. i love the step by step and am learning with the kids, as i never had an art class in school. thanks for the wonderful instruction!

  4. Just found your blog and it looks great- you're giving me many ideas to try out this summer before school starts again in the fall! May be a silly question but what do you mean by WC paper?!

    1. wc is short for watercolour paper, there are 3 weights 90lb, 140lb, and 300lb. Most student wc paper is 90lb and you want cold press or paper with some texture to it. Have a great summer trying out projects!