Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Inchies 2014 Part 3

Hey everyone, got distracted with my gelli printing yesterday and forgot to post row 3.

Row #3


- 3 wc paper inchies
- watercolour paint or disk tempera
- acrylic paint or liquid tempera in a few fall colours
- cotton swab
- black paper and/or sticky foam
- scrap of red paper
- kleenex
- fine black sharpie or marker
- glue


First up is a little fall tree based on this project of mine.

You'll need that extra blue inchie you made or paint a new one.

Draw a tree onto your inchie.  I used pencil crayons.  These are my new favourites. A bit pricey but so easy to sharpen, no broken tips and if they fall on the floor the there's no broken lead on the inside. (as compared to my prismacolor).

Not able to buy them as a class set($$) but I did invest in a second set for my son who is loving them with all those title pages he is making this week.

Great item to use that 40% off coupon at Michaels.
Take your cotton swab and cut in half.  You now have 2 different size circles you can stamp from the ends.  Squeeze out a little acrylic of liquid tempera and stamp in some leaves.

My little sign.  Could have made it a road sign shape….next time.

Paint the inchie with a sunset background.

Start with yellow strip, then orange, and finally some red. Let them mingle a bit.

Let dry.

Cut a little arrow out of black paper or craft foam.

Stick on.

Add a black bird (silhouette) cut from black paper.  I have a punch but you could draw it in pencil and then cut it out or just draw it on with black pencil crayon or marker.

Add the word south.

Finally our little farm, ready for the harvest.

Draw in a few hills lightly with pencil.

Paint in the sky and while still wet lift out a few clouds with a kleenex.

Paint in the hills with a little green and yellow.

Take you red scrap of paper, (mine is painted on the other side) and draw out a little barn shape.

Cut out.

Using a sharpie, black marker, or black pencil crayon add roof, windows, and door.

Using pencil crayons add some produce in those fields.

Glue the barn into place.

Glue your collection onto a nice backing paper.

Trim if needed.

That's it.  I hope you give a few of these inchies a try.  You can mix and match with my other Fall set.

Take care everyone and I'll see you next week…have a great giveaway for you!


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