Sunday, June 1, 2014

Student Work

It has been another whirlwind week, working at 3 different schools.

Here is some of my recent student work.

Frog portraits with Grade 3.

We used my usual drywall on cardboard and canvas technique. You will find lots of my projects using this same technique at this page.

They all turned out amazing, this is pre Mod podge, as they don't photograph so well after.

We also used my homemade goggly eye technique.

You take a glass gem, the ones that are flat on one side.  Trace around one on paper, add your eye details to the paper circle (iris, pupil) and cut out.

Glue face down to flat side of gem using Mod podge…..why podge you ask, because it's the only adhesive that will dry clear guaranteed. Otherwise you may get a cloudy eye.    I have 3 sizes of gems I use regularly, large like these ones, the standard ones that are about half this size, and these really small ones. All are available at Michael's.  The standard and small are also available at Dollar stores.

Here are some giant papier mache bugs that a grade1/2 class worked on.  I thought I had photos of the finished project but I can't find them.

They turned out fantastic.

I will definitely do these again.

That's all I have for you now.  Another 2 full weeks to go and then I'm officially done for this school year. ..whew!! It was a busy one. :)


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