Friday, February 21, 2014

Peruvian Masks

As part of my current residency I did these masks with Grade 2/3 today.

They are studying Peru in Social Studies so we are investigating the gold masks of the Inca.

This was an excellent lesson.  We completed most of the project in a 1 hr session.

Here are some of the masks that we made today.  We still have to add the sequins and coloured paper.


- canvas board or rectangular piece of heavy cardboard, ours are 6"x8"
- black and gold acrylic paint
- scraps of thin and thick cardboard, paper rolls
- little wood cubes (Dollar store), little wood sticks (Dollar store)
- doilies
- tacky glue
- rick rack and trim
- gold and silver sequins
- black and turquoise paper
- scissors


I handed out the boards and we put our names on the back with sharpie.

Working on top of wax paper or newspaper, each student painted the canvas board with black acrylic paint.

Set aside to dry.

I gave each student an oval cut from corrugated cardboard.  This is the base of the face.

They then collected materials from the recycled stash.  I pre cut the heavy pieces of cardboard into smaller more manageable pieces.

We built up our mask details and glued them on with tacky glue.

Student work in process.

When it is all glued down we painted the whole thing with gold acrylic paint.

Embellish with sequins and bits of coloured paper.

At school we skipped this step as we were out of time and just glued our masks to the base board.

For my sample I put glue on the back of the mask but at school the masks were still wet so we put the glue on the black boards (they were dry by the time our masks were painted), and then placed the mask on top of the glue.

We'll do our embellishing at school next week.

Great job Grade 2/3!



  1. Hi, I love this, What a great art integration lesson for Peru

  2. I love this idea and I'm planning to do it as end of unit project. Did you mix a little yellow paint with the gold paint so the gold paint isn't so transparent on the cardboard?