Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Puzzle Trees

Well the trees are starting to change colour even though the weather is still amazing.

Time for another great Fall art project.

I've been thinking about these trees for awhile.  They even made an appearance in my wacky skyline a couple of months ago.


- old puzzle pieces
- paint in fall colours, acrylic or tempera
- wc paper
- painter's tape 
- disk tempera paint
- kleenex
- tacky glue


Find some old puzzle pieces.  Try to find 2 different sizes if you can to give your leaves some variety.

Turn the pieces over to the plain side.
Paint in fall colours.  I used acrylic put you could also use liquid tempera.

Let dry.

Place your wc paper on an art board and tape around the edges.  This will give you a nice border at the end.

Paint in a blue sky taking the paint down to about 2 inches or so from the bottom.

I use these big brushes at school.

While the paint is still wet left a few clouds using a crumpled kleenex.

When the sky has dried you can paint in the ground.

I used green, yellow and brown.

When background has dried paint in a tree.  I used black paint.

You could also cut out a tree from black paper and glue in place or use pencil crayons and draw one in.

Let dry.

Arrange puzzle pieces and then glue into place.  You want to plan it out.  Smaller pieces look good at the top.

That's it.

See you next time.


  1. Oh, I think we might have to make these. We did a fall tree project of yours a couple years ago...and my 4 year-old LOVES puzzles. This would be perfect for her.

  2. While just recently planning to do another little puzzle piece craft project, I loved stumbling onto THIS one too! What a fun little page this will be in my art journal.. Can't wait to try it!... Thanks for the tutorials, and all the wonderful inspiration you share here, Gail! ~tina

  3. how lucky are your kids ;)
    thank you for sharing

  4. We loved making these last year: I love how your painted background turned out!It is a beautiful art piece!!

    1. Hey Rachel,
      I honestly had not seen yours, our creative minds think alike! Love the profusion of leaves on yours.

  5. Tried my hand at this, while watching t.v. one night, and just wanted to tell you how I really enjoyed the process! I posted my art journal spread today, if you'd like to see it. It's just a simple, single evening's worth of artwork, really, but I loved how it came out, and I wanted to thank you for the inspiration and tutorial! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

    1. Hey Beansieleigh,
      Love your version and the pairing with the poem. That would be a great adaptation at school with kids composing their own autumn poems!