Friday, September 14, 2012

Cardboard Prints and Giveaway Results

It's been a week of Fall trees so I thought I'd finish off with an easy cardboard print.  This is great for Kinders and Grade 1.

It's made up of three layers and has lots of texture to it.


- basket coffee filters
- tempera disk paint in Fall colors
- scissors
- brown kraft paper
- wax paper
- iron
- newspaper
- scraps of corrugated cardboard
- black acrylic or liquid tempera paint (poster paint)
- glue

We are going to start by painting the coffee filters.  Lay out some newspaper or art boards on your work space.

Paint the filters with Fall colors.  Now young kids can get carried away, mixing the colors so much you just end up with muddy brown so it helps if you ask them to paint it like a target.  One color in the middle and rings of color around that.

You can always add a touch more color or water here and there if they are painting too dry.

Set aside to dry.  You can hang them up to dry faster.

While the filters are drying take a piece of brown kraft paper the size you want the final piece to be.  Crumple it up again and again.

Take a piece of newspaper and put it on your work space.  Then put down the crumpled kraft paper that you have smoothed out.  Add a piece of wax paper.

Add another sheet of newspaper and iron on med heat until the wax transfers to the kraft paper.

You get this really nice texture that looks like old leather.

When your filters are dry cut out some nice tree shapes.

Place these on your kraft paper background to get an idea for placement.  Start with the tree that will be furthest back.  Glue into place.

Cut your corrugated cardboard into different widths.

Nice thing about corrugated cardboard is you can manipulate it a bit.  Bending it and twisting it.

Give the kids a piece of paper to experiment with making prints.

Use black acrylic or liquid tempera.

When ready add some branches to the tree.  Use the cardboard to print the trunk.  You will need to print a few times to get thickness you need.

Then start on your next tree.

I overlapped mine and I quite like being able to see thru the small tree to the trunk behind.

Add a few prints at the bottom for the grass.

That's it.  Easy peasy!


On to the giveaway.  Thanks everyone for entering and I apologize for the Facebook glitch, I was not impressed.

So I had 79 entries and the numbers selected by Random Org. are:

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2012-09-15 00:22:37 UTC

Which means that Gwen wins "The Complete Guide to Felting" by Ruth Lane. Gwen sent me this email:

"I love this project and many of the other projects you do. Giving child friendly instructions is a gift to all of the art educators who read your blog. Felting has been a great addition to our art program and I think some of my students would love some new project ideas.
Gwen Eberly
Art Instructor
The New School of Lancaster"
and Jennifer wins the "Felted Feathered Friends" by Laurie Sharp.
Jennifer commented:
" What a lovely project! "
Thanks again to everyone who entered.  There are more giveaways to come so stayed tuned.
See you next week.


  1. Love how this looks! It looks simple enough I could do it with my young kids if I break it into steps for them. Thanks!

  2. Me ha gustado mucho el post. La técnica está muy bien explicada y es tremendamente interesente. Me lo apunto para este otoño en la escuela. Gracias por compartir.