Friday, June 8, 2012

Update and Giveaway Results

Remember these Father's Day pots.  I thought I'd give you a look at the results.

Now they haven't been planted yet but I think they turned out great.

Great job Grade 6.  Let's hope we can get some hair to grow before next Friday!   The how to post is HERE in case you are looking for it.
After the bisque fire we glazed with Mayco's Stroke and Coat using Birthday Suit as the main color.
On to the giveaway results.  I had a total of 108 entries counting comments, emails, and Facebook likes.  The winner of the random draw is:   Willow Smith who entered on June 5th at 11:39 am.

Thanks everyone for entering.  If you didn't win don't worry as my friends at Acorn Media have sponsored 2 more upcoming giveaways.  What till you see the next one!

Have a great weekend.

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