Monday, June 25, 2012

Famous Art Inchies and New Giveaway

Well I'm in the final stretch....only 4 more days of school left!

I know the blog has been quiet but I have been crazy busy as I completed some "artist in residency" programs and tried to fit in as much art as possible into my local school.

This is a project I did with a group of teachers last Fall.  I needed to show them some great art projects in a limited time frame.

Each inchie is based on a famous work or style of art.  Can you name them all?

If not don't worry we'll go thru them all.  I also want to introduce you to my new giveaway this week.  My friends at Acorn Media group are sponsoring this one again.

"Every Picture Tells a Story" is a 2 volume DVD set. There are 8 episodes examining 8 great works of art and the story behind them.  Hosted by U.K. art critic (The Sunday Times, U.K.) Waldermar Januszczak.

Mr. Januszczak provides a very insightful, often humourous examination of each work.  He describes the social climate of the time and each artist's place in it.

Although I was familar with all works discussed I learned alot and thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Januszczak's commentary.
If you are interested in winning a copy of this series stay tuned to the end of this post.

Onto the Inchie project.  I'm going to show you the how to as well as the larger project for each one. We'll break it down into 3 posts, 3 inchies each time so look forward to a week of inchies:)!


- 2x2 inch squares of wc (watercolor) or heavy white paper
- pastels
- disk tempera paint
- liquid tempera paint
- thick and fine tipped sharpies or markers
- glue
- colored paper
- white pencil crayon
- piece of scratch foam or foam tray
- stamps
- little headshots, pictures


Now each inchie can be turned into a larger project. In fact some of these I have already posted.

The first square represents impressionism.   It's based on the gorgoeous impressionist landscapes of Monet, Van Gogh, Seurat,......I could go on.

I did a full tutorial HERE  for the Field of Poppies in the style Van Gogh.

For the inchie start by penciling in a very simple landscape.

Paint in with one layer of disk tempera.

Let dry.

With a very small brush go over the sections of the landscape with dots and dashes of color.

That's it for this one.

The next inchie reflects cubism and is based on this divided face project in the style of Picasso.

You can find the directions for the full sized project at THIS POST.

For the inchie draw out your face in pencil.  You want both the heads on view and the profile combined.

Add color with pencil crayons, (colored pencil), paint, or pastels.

Add definition by outlining with a fine sharpie.

There another inchie down.

The next inchie is based on the work of Piet Mondrian.

This is an example of a larger collage.
A dutch artist, Mondrian was very influential in his ideas on Modern Design.  He was reducing natural forms to their simpliest linear representation. His work is all about the horizontals, verticals, and primary colors.

Here is a picture of a Mondrian that I took on a recent visit to the Art Institute of Chicago.

For the large project you start by cutting strips out of black paper.

Using primary colored paper cut out squares and rectangles.

Arrange these on a piece of white paper and glue into place.

Place the black strips between the colored rectangles and squares.  Glue into place.

For the inchie you just do the same only in miniature.  For the black strips I found running some black paper thru the paper shredder very helpful.

Well that's the first three. We will continue on Wednesday.

On to the giveaway.

To enter to win "Every Picture Tells a Story" DVD series, you need to do one of the following:

- leave a comment on this post
- or send me an email at
- or like this post on my Facebook page.

You have until 11:59pm on Thursday June 28th/12 and I'll make the draw on Friday morning.

Only Canadian and U.S. residents please. Be sure to check out all the great titles at Acorn Media.

Good luck everyone and see you Wednesday with part 2 of our Famous Art Inchies.


  1. I'd love to win this! I'd also love to be able to do these projects of yours, but you're way beyond me in skill. :-)

  2. Thanks Again for a great classroom idea and for another giveaway. I will check out the DVD set anyway-even if I don't win. Sounds interesting. And the inchies project, sure to be a winner.

  3. I just love your inches projects! I would love to win this dvd.

  4. Love the inchie project. So fun! This DVD looks great too.

  5. What a wonderful project and giveaway! Would love to see that series!
    My kids took a course with Mary Wallace and she did a mini gallery (using a kleenix bos) with tiny art put inside as if in a gallery. The project came from her book "I Can make Art") She has a whole series of these "I can make" books.

  6. The DVD set sounds wonderful - would love this for my classroom! Thanks for all the project ideas - you rock!

  7. The inchie project is a great idea to do with artists! I love it b/c sometimes I don't have time to cover the artist and do a big project, but this could be done in 2 class periods and they would get the info and production. Save them 'til the end of the year and collage them together. Thanks for your insightful ideas! Also excited about being entered to win something. Thank you for that as well.

  8. The inchie projects are perfect for us. I love to do tiny art. The DVD set looks like a great way to introduce new artists! Your projects are always inspiring. Thank you.

  9. I find your site extremely useful. We are homeschoolers and my kids learn so much about the art and artists when they make their own "in the style of..." I love how excited they get when they recognize an artist's work. Now, I'd love to win this little giveaway as I know we would all benefit! (I can't wait to pass the excitement on to the 4 new kids we're adopting that have just been in our home 3 weeks!) Thanks for all your generous ideas!

  10. Thank you for introducing me this these dvd's. Looks for a treasureto have and to share with children and adults alike. Your projects are great! Thanks for the chance to win the series.

  11. This looks like a great review project for my middle schoolers...I teach k-8 so get to see them over the course of nine years and reviews that don't seem boring are something I am trying to do at various stages. This is perfect!!! Hope I win that DVD- looks good.

  12. This looks fascinating!! I LOVE documentaries like this!

  13. I'd love to share this with my 6th graders. I also want to thank you are a blessing to this world and our children. Thanks for sharing your talent, love and putting forth all your efforts!

  14. Love all your inchies projects! And thanks for the giveaway.

  15. DVD looks interesting and I am sure the kids would love it but love the art project so much more. I have been trying to tie our projects together more by studying the period in art history and these would be a great way to do that, love the large version and the inchies. I am excited about trying a new inchies project for next year. Thanks for the tip about the paper shredder to make the black strips.

  16. We would love to have this DVD to watch at our house! Both my son and I love art and I've been looking for something new and interesting to use with him for art appreciation this fall. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. This 'Inchie project' would be great to do w/the individuals I work with daily. I think I will try it with them. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks so much, Sue A. for the link on her FB pg. to you. Always looking for ideas to try w/them. Jen L.

  18. I would love to win the DVD! I think the inchie is such a great project! I can't wait to do it with my kids when school is back in session. I think your artwork is top notch for kids!

  19. Hi Gail: thanks for a chance to win a copy of the Every Picture DVDs, how fun! Good luck everyone.
    Renee at

  20. My daughter absolutely loves learning about art and can't get enough about it. I would love this DVD for her!

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    Thank you for the giveaway!

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  29. I love your posts - they allow me to throw together an art project with very little advance notice and we're doing a lot more art as a result! :)