Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chiristmas Inchies Version 2

Well here is the second set of Christmas inchies in traditional colors.

Please click on picture to see larger.

Remember each square can be easily be made into a larger project all on it's own.

I did all the backgrounds first.

- red paper, green paper, white paper

- then paint 3 squares, green , red and white glitter

- then I used plastic wrap on one, stamped on white circles with a pencil on another, and added a metallic sheen to the last one

Square "1 Christmas Tree:

- red painted background
- triangle cut out of green painted paper
- trunk is little rectangle from a book page
- little gems for decoration

Square #2 Candy Cane "J": 

- green painted background
- cane cut out of white paper
- painted or colored red stripes
- little bit of glitter glue

 Square #3 Holly:

- draw on little musical notes with sharpie or cover inchie with sheet music
- cut holly leaves out of green paper
- add veins to the leaves with green marker
- use eraser end of pencil and a little red paint stamp in some circles for berries

Square #4 Christmas Lights:

- paper is painted with white glitter paint
- using fine sharpies and markers draw out lights

Square #5 Christmas Wreath:

- red painted background
- draw on a "o" with glue
- cut little squares of tissue, crumple and stick on glue
- add embellishment

Square #6 Poinsettia:

- green painted background with piece of plastic wrap placed on it before drying  
- cut out petal shapes from assorted red papers
- little gems added to center

Square #7 Santa:

- green paper background
- cut circle out of brown paper
- cut hat out or scrap of red felt
- glue on mini pompom
- glue on googly eyes
- pink pencil crayon on cheeks
- add scrap of white fun fur for beard

Square #8 Bird in Tree:

- cover background with circle stamps from pencil eraser in off white paint
- paint or draw on silver tree branches trying to form that "Y"
- I used a punch but you could just draw a bird for the tree
- add a little glitter snow

Square #9 Gingerbread Man:

- red painted background
- cut out gingerbread man out of brown paper
- add details with white gel pen and sharpie
- add a few sequins

That 's it your done.  Mount on black paper and add to your growing collection.

I find myself doodling out more and more inchie designs. They are getting to be addictive.

Hope you give them a try and we will see you soon.


  1. I love your inchies. They're all so beautiful!

    Grade ONEderful

  2. Wonderful, Gail ... each inch is a delight. You are a source of great ideas--thank you!

  3. I love your inchies. I wanted to tell you how much you inspire me, and to let you have a peek at the inchies that my class created this year. http://savvyteachingtips.blogspot.com/2012/01/winter-inchies.html


  4. I simply love these inchies!! I've got to find space in my lesson plan to do this this year. :-) Perhaps some christmas inchies - with a danish twist of course. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing

  5. We're doing this piece by piece each day as a reward for my daughter practicing for the Christmas concert. Whatever it takes! We're having fun. thx