Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Inchies and Giveaway

So I've been getting these emails....."Where are the Christmas Inchies?"

So here is my first version.  I also have another one I'll post next week in traditional Red and Green.

This one has a bit of sparkle to it and unfortunately that doesn't show up so well in the scanner.

You can click on the photo for a closer look.

The How To is coming up but first......

I was contacted by Children's book illustrator, Rich Davis, about his drawing game for kids,
 Pick and Draw.

He sent me a game to try out with the kids and is also sponsoring this week's giveaway.  Pick and Draw is a card based game that you can play alone or with a whole classroom of kids.

Because it's a game it works well as an icebreaker and helps kids gain some confidence with drawing.  It's also a great way to fill in those extra 15 minutes or so.  My kids had a blast!  Stay tuned to the end of the post for the giveaway details.

Back to the Inchies:


- 9 small squares of wc, cardstock, or heavy sketch paper, we use twinchies 2" x 2"
- paint, dark blue, light blue, white, silver and gold
- old book page
- yellow pastel
- photocopied sheet music, shrink down a bit on the photocopier
- glitter glue
- white gel pen
- scraps of gold foil (candy wrappers)
- foil or metal duct tape
- silver doily
- white felt
- black, light blue, and dark blue paper
- black and blue sharpie
- small gems and assorted embellishments
- glue
- old tooth brush or old paint brush
- scissors

Like I always say with Inchie projects just adapt and use what you have, it's amazing what you can come up with.


I usually start off doing all the backgrounds first.

On one square color it a bit with the yellow pastel. then paint it with some gold paint.

Take one of the squares and glue it to the old book page, trim away the excess.  Do the same thing with another square and the sheet music.

Cut a square out of the light blue paper and the dark blue paper.  Paint a different square with the light blue paint.

Paint another with the dark blue paint.

Paint one silver.  You can also add a little silver paint to the sheet music square.

Add some light blue paint to your book page square.

Finally take the last square paint it with the dark blue paint and then sponge on a little of the light blue. You can also add some stripes.

For the snowflake square I used a punch I had but you can use a large sequin or cut one out of white paper.  You could also paint or stamp one on.

I used the light blue cardstock square.  Splattered on some white paint with an old toothbrush.(you can just use a paintbrush)

I also added some silver glitter glue.

I always use paintbrushes with glitter glue and paint it on otherwise the kids will put gobs and gobs on and it will take forever to dry!
Taking a skewer or the end of a paintbrush dot on some white paint.

Glue on a little embellishment if you have any (piece of ribbon, sequin, gem).

For the mitten square, take the silver painted Inchie.  Add some glitter glue to the square for more sparkle.

Cut out 2 mitten shapes from the dark blue paper.

Add some decoration to them with the white gel pen. 

Glue into place and then draw the string with the a blue sharpie or marker.

Take the Inchie you painted dark blue.  Cut out a star shape from some gold paper, foil, or like me a candy wrapper.

Glue onto background, add some glitter and a star sticker.

For the candle square take the sheet music Inchie.

Cut a little candle out of blue paper or use paint/colored pencils or markers to draw one on.

Make a flame out of yellow paper and a candle holder out of metal tape or foil.  I used a little sticker I had for the handle.

Outline it a bit with fine sharpie and add some glitter to the flame if you wish.

For the Angel Inchie take the dark blue paper square.  Cut 2 little wings from the doily.  Glue in place.

Cut a triangle from the white felt.  Glue in place.  Cut a circle from some scrap paper.  Draw on some eyes and a mouth.  You can add a little blush with a pink pencil crayon.

Glue in place.  For hair I used a small piece of wool and then a gold thread tied in a circle for a halo.  Use whatever you have on hand.

The present square uses the light blue painted Inchie.  Cut a small rectangle out of white paper.  Glue on some ribbon or paint it on with the gold paint.  Add a scrap of tinsel wire for the bow.

On the gold Inchie I glued on a stocking shape I cut from some blue painted paper I had in my stash.

I trimmed it with a small piece of felt, added a loop with the blue sharpie and painted on a little glitter.

The snowman is my favorite.  I cut out a snowman shape out of white paper.  Glued it to the blue painted book page.  Cut a little hat out of black paper, drew on some arms, eyes, and a smile with a black sharpie and then cut a carrot nose from orange paper.

On the last square cut a bell shape from the metal tape.  Add a gem for a clanger.  I added a little piece of ribbon and some glitter.

That's it.  9 different Inchies, each one can easily be a large art project on it's own if you wish.  I was recently at a school that did my Fall Inchie project only they made only 4 squares and each one was about 4" x 4".  It was awesome!

Back to this week's giveaway.  If you are interested in winning a copy of the Pick and Draw game you need to enter by:

- leaving a comment on this post
- send me an email at
- like or comment on this post on my Facebook page.

Enter by 11:59pm Thursday Dec 1st/11 and I'll make the draw on Friday Dec 2nd/11.

U.S. and Canadian residents only.

Good Luck everyone!


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