Friday, December 2, 2011

Nativity Canvas and Giveaway Winner

I have a featured post on the Hive today about how to make this Nativity canvas.

I've had a few readers ask for suggestions on how to adapt the Nativity Plate project.  Not everyone has access to a kiln so this project is for you.  It uses air dry clay. I used Activa's Plus Modelling Clay.

It came together quite easily and with air dry it's much faster as you only have a 24 hr dry period.

Please check out the Hive for my full tutorial.

On to the giveaway results:

I had 123 entries, (whew, that's alot of little tickets to make up), for the Pick and Draw game.

The winning entry is #17 on my email comments who is:

Janice M'Lot from Ranch Park Elementary who wrote:

"Would love it for my class! Thanks for having such an excellent blog! Use it all the time!"

Thanks everyone for entering.

It's 2 weeks from today that we will be having our annual "Christmas Craft Day" at school.....150 kids, 12 craft stations, all morning long!

I find I get a little scattered this time of year.  I want to post all the craft tutorials as well as Christmas Art projects so rather than keeping any sort of schedule you'll just find me posting as I go, sometimes twice a day!  Welcome to the Christmas rush.

see you very shortly,


  1. You should try using to pick a winner. Easier than those little slips of paper:)

  2. Oh, I'd love to be at your school on Christmas Caft Day!! Would you explain how long each session is, how many children can be in a session, do they do each session? I'd love to try this at our school.♥♫

  3. Hey Marilyn, We set up 2 craft stations in each classroom, kids are free to move from station to station as they wish. Some go to their favorites and take their time, others are on a mission to complete all 12 crafts. They are all given a big paper bag that stays in their home classroom and as they complete a craft they put it in their bag. It seems like chaos at the time but it actually works very well.
    Hey anonymous, thanks for the suggestion.

  4. The tutorial/instructions are no longer available on hive. The page can't be found.

    Could you please post the instructions here on your site, please? or email them to me?

    mrskhaje at gmail dot com

    I'd love to do this with my daughter.