Thursday, June 17, 2010

Windsocks for Father's Day

Grade 1 completed Koinobori Windsocks for their Father's Day project this year.

I have posted the instructions for this project before here but I wanted to give you a few hints when working with a larger # of kids.

Before doing our glue batik I had each student to a practice version on paper.  We folded it in half and practiced keeping our heads at one end and tails at the other.

We also made sure if we were writing in words that that they were not upside down once the fish was folded over on the center line.           The fabric has a layer of wax paper underneath and then is placed on an art board.  This year I was fortunate to find a nylon sportswear fabric on sale so these windsocks should hold up quite well in the Canadian weather.( Incidently the one my son made 2 years ago still looks as good as the day he brought it home lasting thru all kinds of weather) 

I drew a line down the center of the fabric to keep the kids on track.         Once they completed the side closest to them I flipped the art board around and they worked on the other side. 

When they had finished applying the gel glue we put them to the side to dry overnight.

The next day we painted them with acrylic paint which was thinned out with a litlle water.     I asked them to cover the entire area so no white was showing.

Set these aside to dry.

I then soaked all 44 windocks in a wash tub of hot water for an hour or so.  I scrub each windsock a little bit  with a nail brush to make sure the glue has released and to take off any excess paint the kids layered on.  Place in the dryer to dry.            This year instead of using wire in the casing to form the opening of the windsock I used large plastic ties.  Don't know why I didn't think of this before!

With the help of a trusty parent volunteer (thanks Ruth!) we strung the socks on natural bamboo plant stakes (extra long ones) from the garden store.  We used a little duct tape to ensure the sock will stay tied on to the pole.   That's it....great job Grade 1!...every person walking down the hall had to stop and admire these windsocks and I'm sure all the Dads will be thrilled.


  1. you have such fantastic ideas. thanks for sharing them. oh to be a kid in art class again :)

  2. What a wonderful idea! I can't wait to try it out.

  3. Awesome! We buy these at the local 100 Yen store, but when we get back to the states we'll need this project!!!

  4. These look so beautiful displayed all together. What a pleasing project for the kids.

  5. wonderful project I'm going to try this one with my third grade art class.