Monday, June 7, 2010

Pastel Scratchboards

Here is a project grade 2 did last week.

It comes from this book.
Take a piece of heavy paper like manila tag or cardstock.......... Using pastels color little bits at a time in bright colors.       

Color in the entire page.

Take some black acrylic paint and paint over entire page.

Using a wooden skewer or toothpick scratch in your design.

Here are the finished results from Grade 2.  We were following the book and scratching in a grid design but you can easily do a full picture like the one posted at the beginning.  Thicker lines tend to look better.

Great work Grade 2.  Why don't you give it a try?


  1. Wow!!! This is awesome! I am working a summer camp and in charge of arts and crafts. This is a great idea. How is that art book-do you like it? Do you need to wait a day until the paint dries?

  2. Wow, these are fabulous. I can just see some
    mom transfering the designs into a wall quilt. The little one would be so proud. You should be proud for helping little ones be so creative. well done.....

  3. That book is full of good ideas isn't it?

  4. How easy can this be?? Might be a great way to create greeting cards! I have this one bookmarked! Got to try it!

  5. I used to do this all the time and forgot about it. Now I'll remember to try it again. If you don't want to use paint you can use regular wax crayons with a black crayon or oil pastel for the top layer. It still works.

  6. Thanks everyone!
    crazigirl80: The book is pretty good, but if you already have an Usborne art book you might want to leaf thru it first...they unfortunately repeat alot of projects in their books.
    Phyl: I've done the black crayon and black pastel on top type scratch pictures and I must say this version is a lot "cleaner". No messy bits left over from scratching that stick to your hands, arms, and everywhere else. Once you give this version a try I think you'll agree.

  7. Thank gooodness for One Pretty and the link she posted to this project! This is the coolest thing EVER. My 8 year old is totally fascinated with these scratchboards and up until now I thought they were produced in some magic't wait to try this, thanks so much for posting it.