Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Night and Day" City Skylines

Here is another project that Grade 2 has done in the last skylines.

I have another skyline lesson here which is more of a mixed media design.

 The one I am showing you here is a bit simpler using paint and very applicable to the younger (k-3) grades.

On watercolor or sketch paper have the kids draw a skyline in pencil from one side of the paper to the other.  We did not use a ruler..... going for a free form design but by all means have them use one if you are developing those ruler skills.

This picture is from the other skyline post.  You can have them outline the picture in marker or in white pastel which is how Grade 2 did it.

Using disk tempura have the kids paint their skylines in bright colors.   Leave the painting to dry and then cut out.

The kids now have a choice of making a daytime background or a night time background.

For a daytime picture we took a blue piece of posterboard and sponged on some white clouds with white liquid tempura paint.
For a night time scene we used black posterboard and using a splatter box hit a brush loaded with white paint against a dry paintbrush to create stars.  The student here is creating some large constellations!

When the background has dried we glued the skyline into place.

I placed each finished skyline between artboards with wax paper on top.  I then weighted it down so they would dry flat.

That's it.  Amazing skylines Grade 2!
Great project with terrific results and very easy to execute. Give it a try!


  1. These look great! Wish I had used your approach for nightime skylines with my Tar Beach project. Next time!
    Thanks Gail!

  2. These are GORGEOUS! How lovely they turned out!!

    I do a monthly Round Robin "Get Crafty" post on my blog - collecting lots of wonderful ideas from around the arty web... this month's them is ManMade (and cities fit the bill perfectly!).

    Would you be interested in "submitting"?

    Here is Nature Get Crafty as a reference - just leave a comment on my blog to take part of email me!


  3. I love these! The colors are great!

  4. This is a great idea. It would be a wonderful Tints and Shades project for next year. I will put it in my file of fun!!!

  5. I have been following your your projects. There are some extremely lucky students who get to share your enthusiasm, creativity and inspiration. Your projects are fun and I appreciate you sharing your technique, as I will share with my second grader!