Monday, August 3, 2009

Macrame Owl Necklaces

Well I'm back....well not really we came home did laundry, repacked and turned around and went back to the cabin. The camping trip down the Oregon coast was terrific!!!! A good break but we had little time for crafts or painting as we moved around so much.
So now I am back at it....first up Macrame Owls. Now I remember these from when I was little only they were huge and hung on the wall...I like this tiny version better and you can wear it anywhere.
Now I used the pattern HERE by Gretchen H. Brierly. A little fussy but once you get started not too hard. I wanted my owl really tiny so I used crochet cotton instead of string.

UPDATE: The original pattern is no longer available.  Please access the large owl PATTERN HERE.  Instead of starting on a stick pin your threads to a board but make sure you leave excess at the top to create you necklace from.  Otherwise it is essentially the same pattern.  Click on the photo above to see the setup.

Everyone wanted in on the act even Tika our cockatiel.

Rather than knot the entire necklace section I alternated beads with loops.
I added a simple loop over a bead closure and that's it.
If you choose to use crochet cotton like I did you need far less string then indicated in the pattern....cut down your lengths for the owl body by half and your necklace part by a third.
It is now my daughter's favorite. She is itching to make an owl but we will try something a little larger...stay tuned for that adventure.
see you soon


  1. LOVE this twist on that old 70s standby macrame owl!! :)

  2. I remember making these in girl scouts SO long ago! They look great small!

  3. Wow! This is sooo cute! Great idea.
    I made those macrame owls mentioned in the previous comments, too :)

  4. Thanks guys! They are pretty adorable and quick too...much faster than the ones on the wall.

  5. Hi Gail, I can't seem to access the instructions. Any way that you could post them? I would like to make them as a goodbye gift for my students. These are adorable!

  6. Hey anonymous I just tried the link and could not access the instructions either. You can use the instructions from the bigger owl project as it is essentially the same owl. If you click on the picture in this post of the set-up you can see I pinned the threads to the board instead of doing hitch knots on a stick to start. Make sure you give yourself lots of extra thread before the pinned part as this will be used to create the necklace part. I have changed the link above to the big owl instructions. You should be able to access it now.