Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glue Resist Paintings

Last term I did a glue resist Dinosaur with Kindergarten.

I was impressed with the results and the kids really enjoyed seeing the Dinosaur I decided to try this technique with a more complex painting to do with the older grades.

This Sunflower seemed to work out well but this is my second effort...I had to stop myself from painting like I usually do. Please click on photo for a closer view.

I had originally thought some architecture would show up nice but because I painted in so many details and shadows like I normally do....the glue resist effect is lost.

With this technique you need to limit your paint choices and allow the glue outline to define the painting....I will continue to fiddle with it as I am hoping I can get a stained glass effect with this technique.

Draw out your sketch in pencil....I'm using watercolor paper.

Using tacky glue outline your sketch.

Let dry.

Start painting...I'm using watercolor but you can also use tempera.

I like how the glue keeps the paint where you want it....

Here I started adding more detail....the glue stands out more with dark colors.

I went back over my Sunflowers with additional water to create more of a wash...much more effective.

Well tomorrow is the first day of school...excitement is in the air, my oldest starts Junior High so I will no longer see her at the school during the day. (although I am excited for her I will miss her)

I am looking forward to creating lots of new projects and I hope you tag along.




  1. Very interesting technique!!!

  2. I wonder if you used the colored glue- I am thinking black- you could get a really cool stained glass look going on.

    Just an idea. cool sunflower.

  3. Maybe if you are going for a stained glass effect, you could 'color' the glue first by mixing it with Black paint in a seperate bottle. It looks really great when you do this on black paper with chalk pastel. I have seen this with a King Tut and it is great! I would like to see it done with watercolor.

  4. Very impressive! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for all the positive and supportive comments. Toni and Gena you got me thinking...see my next post..Thanks for the advice.

  6. I really enjoy reading your come up with the neatest projects!

  7. This is such an interesting technique. I will have to have a try. By the wasy your HEADER is absolutely wonderful.

  8. Very unique technique this is as I've always searched for methods to contain watercolor paints. Thanx a lot, Gaill!

  9. I have seen you do something like this before, and each time I long does the glue take to dry? Is this a two part project, how do you divide it up with the kids when you do it?

  10. craftgoddess: depends on the glue, at school it's a 2 part project and we let the glue dry overnight. At home if we do the glue in the morning it can be dry to continue in the evening.