Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mock Stretched Hide

Well here is another old west craft in honor of the Calgary Stampede....a mock stretched hide.

Hides were stretched on frames by both Native Canadians and trappers. We are trying to replicate it here.

Materials Required:
a long flexible twig, like from a willow
string or twine

paper bag or heavy kraft paper


brown tempera paint

hole punch

Find a long flexible twig. Willows work well. You want it long enough to make a oval shape.

Bend into your shape and tie tightly with string or twine.

Lay your twig frame over your kraft paper and draw out a hide shape. You want to have some room to string it onto the frame so make it a bit smaller.

Draw a design on your kraft paper with pencil first and then color in with pastel. My son decided to make a phoenix.

Take your paper and crumple it up....were doing pastel of my favorite techniques.

Flatten your paper and paint with some brown paint. We are trying to achieve a leather look here.

Leave to dry.

When dry cut out.

Punch some holes along the edge about 2 inches apart.

Using string lace your "hide" onto your frame. It helps if you use 2 strings. Start on one end and then do the other that way you can adjust the tension so your "hide" will sit in the center of your frame.

That's it,,,another project to beat the summer "there's nothing to do" s.

see you next time



  1. What a wonderful idea this is.

  2. Oh wow! This idea is absolutely wonderful! It looks really authentic!

  3. This is fantastic! I'll be linking. It reminds me of when we made the indian village dioramas for grade school. I took some canvas, cut it into an "animal" shape and the cut a bunch of fur off the cat to glue to the back. I got it soooo much trouble but I thought it looked awesome hanging on a stick in my village. =)

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