Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Christmas Craft #4

I did not do a tutorial for this one as there is a really good one here. I did adapt this project for kids though.
Instead of stuffing and sewing our skates we just glued them together with tacky glue.

We also glued on the sequins. Make sure to sandwich in your ribbon between the two sides of the skate.

Because we are Canadian I figured the boys would be more excited about making Hockey skates. We used black felt, white sequins and white ribbon for this version.


  1. Oh I love this idea! My husband is an ice hockey player and I know he'll appreciate the kids making these for him. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the craft ideas you post. Today is Blog Comment Day. I have been following your blog. Nicely done.
    Have a perfect day

  3. These are so cool. And very perfect for my kids . . . I`m a Canadian expat and though my boys were born in Guatemala, they are still half Canadian, so this is ideal for adding a touch of my homeland to the tree this year!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments, Rebecca, Tom and Cindy, and Expat Mom. I'm glad you liked the hockey skates. I wasn't sure if they would be well recieved but the Moms doing my prep work for the craft day loved them.

  5. Hi
    Thanks for your blog with all those ideas and tutorials.
    I am going to make those iceskates for my christmas tree.

    Margit Ammentorp

  6. I made these for my parents decades ago, and they are still adorable on the tree (I made the sewn version, but my younger students will be using glue!). Thank you for reminding me of this classic and cute project idea.