Friday, December 12, 2008

How to Make a Church Ornament

Christmas Craft #6 Church Ornament
We had our Big Christmas Craft Day on Friday at the school. It was a huge success mostly due to the large number of Mom volunteers on hand to help us out this year.
Thank you all again for coming out!
This was one of the crafts we did this year. It proved to be the most popular one.
Materials Required: Sorry I don't have a photo for this but the original one I took is sideways and I can't get blogger to rotate it no matter what I do to it in photoshop.
piece of wood, rectangular about 1"x 1 3/4". If you are only making a few you can probably cut the pitch for the roof directly, we needed 120 so we ended up cutting two parts for each church, it just made it faster during the prep stage.
white acrylic paint
craft foam
curling ribbon
colored bits of paper
tacky glue
glue stick

Sand the edges of your wood pieces.

We had to glue our roof onto our base.

Paint with white acrylic paint. You don't need to paint the roof as the craft foam will cover this.

While the Church is drying cut little bits of curling ribbon to make the windows and doors.
Cut some craft foam to make the roof of the church. Be sure to include an overhang on each side. It looks more realistic this way.
Glue on with tacky glue. Use an elastic band wrapped around to hold in place while the glue dries.
Glue on the little bits of cut ribbon for the windows and doors.
For a stained glass window you can cut out a piece from a doily.
Glue this on some colored paper, here I am using some leftover wax paper. In an earlier project we had taken coffee filters and colored them with washable markers, we then painted them with a glue/water mix. The markers run and produce incredible papers to work with. I kept the wax paper that was underneath them as the color transferred to it as well.
You can just use some colored paper.
Glue into place with tacky glue.
Cut a cross out of colored paper or the craft foam.
I had the kids cut two little sticks which we then glued together to form a cross.
Glue into place.
Taking a needle threaded with some gold or silver thread pass thru the craft foam at the top and then tie a loop for the hanger.
That's it, a cute little Church ornament. You can also glue some glitter onto the roof for snow as a finishing touch.


  1. I can see why it was the most popular-it's so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll be linking.

  2. I just spent an enjoyable time of looking at your craft tutorials-gosh, they are wonderful. You are an inspiration.


  3. Can you buy the wood in that shape?
    Thanks Pat