Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to Make an Angel Clothesline

Sorry it's been awhile but tomorrow is the BIG Craft day at school and I've been a little busy with prep. Last year one of the crafts we did was this Santa clothesline. I had seen this in the Family Fun magazine about 5 years ago. It is still on the website here, but there are no templates. You can use mine if you want. This year we are doing an Angel clothesline. Complete with Halo, cloud, songbook or Bible, wings, and gown. In these pictures I have a bell for an instrument but I couldn't find a source for 120 of them so in this tutorial we are making a harp. Christmas Craft #5 Angel Clothesline Materials Required: click on picture to see larger I usually find my mini clothespins at the dollar store. I can get 45 for $1.00. You can use my template or make your own. TEMPLATE Using template trace out pattern pieces onto the felt. I used a light blue for the cloud. I always use a sharpie when tracing. When I go to cut the piece out I cut just inside the line leaving most of the black behind. Cut out your shapes. Using your colored paper cut out your harp piece and the little framed "Home Sweet Home". It is made up of two little rectangles, one a bit smaller than the other and just glued on top. Add some detail to these pieces with markers. Add some glitter, sequins, and beads to embellish your clothesline pieces. Glue on your "Home Sweet Home" picture to the cloud. Make a halo from a pipe cleaner. Cut your pipe cleaner to about 3 inches long or 1/3rd of the full stem and make a circle twisting in the ends. For the song book take a little bit of sheet music, there is a lot you can download on line, and cut it to about 1 inch by 3 inches. Cut a cover for the song book from some colored paper. It should be the same size. For a Bible you can print off some verses. For school we will have both. Fold both pieces in half and fit together. Staple in the center of this fold. Using a fine pen put on a title and a few notes if it is a song book. When your glitter and glue has dried on your pieces cut a piece of string about 30 inches or so. Make a loop on either end and using your clothespins hang up your angel laundry! That's it for this one. I will be trying to post a few more crafts tonight. This way I can just print off the tutorials from the blog for all my Mom volunteers to follow tomorrow. See I knew this blog was good for something! see you soon gail


  1. This is so wonderful that you do this for your children's school!! what a gift to so many!

  2. Thanks Heather. I really love doing it and I find by being creative with the kids at school that it seems to multiply my own creativity....ideas seem to generate on their own, otherwise I just sit in my studio with artist's block.

  3. This is without a doubt the cutest DIY project I have seen. So simple and so cute! And it can be modified for every holiday! I just love it!!!

  4. I love this and would love to make this. I posted today in fact a picture of Santa's laundry in my laundry room but the items were already made (scrapbook embellishments), and I really liked it. But I would rather make what you are very cute!~
    Merry Christmas