Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Grade 2 Inchies

This is a recent inchie project I did with Grade 2.  It relates to the social studies curriculum where they learn about: - the Arctic
           - the Acadians
           - the Ukraine

Inchie projects are so adaptable. I use them constantly and they are always a hit with the kids.

Some of these squares you may have seen in my other inchie projects, which is another great thing about inchies, as you can swap in/out squares to fit.  I also use them whenever I'm presenting at professional development conferences or sessions.  They are a big hit with adults as well!


I say this before listing the materials for every inchie project. Don't freak out by the long list. Use what you have and substitute as needed.

- wc paper cut into squares as the base for our inchies, we used 3"x3" squares
- disk tempera paint (my old standby)
- white and yellow acrylic paint
- white and yellow oil pastels
- black and red sharpie
- pink crayon
- salt shaker
- bubble wrap
- a drinking straw
- scraps of coloured paper
- scraps of white paper
- little wooden hearts, you could substitute cardboard if you have a star punch
- metal duct tape
- scraps of corrugated cardboard
- googly eyes for polar bear and fish
- masking tape
- white felt and/or craft foam
- little flower embellishments
- tacky glue
- gold sparkly paper or wrapping paper


Cut your squares.  We did all 9 squares but feel free to revise this depending on time available.

This was a 3 session project. (1hr. sessions)

We work on many squares all at once. I'll give you my schedule at the end. For the blog I find it better to present each square from start to finish.

Square#1:  Inuit Whale

This inchie is based on another art project, Inuit Whale Portraits.

Paint one of the inches with yellow disk tempera.

Trace around whale template on black paper.  Cut out and glue onto the yellow square.

Out of scraps of coloured paper cut some accent pieces.  I gave the kids white and red paper.  They also used the leftover black from the last step.

Inchie #2 Polar Bear:

Paint an inchie with blue disk tempera.

While the paint is still wet lay a small piece of bubble wrap on top, bubble side down.

Leave it on while the square dries.

I gave everyone a small square of white felt and asked them to cut out a hill shape.  Some kids thought it would be an igloo.

Glue into place.

I then handed out a white scrap of paper.  I had them cut a rounded triangle shape.

Glue on top of felt at the top.

I handed out pink crayons and they added some colour for the ears.

I gave them a small scrap of white craft foam and they cut a circle out of it.

Glue onto the face for the muzzle.

Glue on some goggly eyes.  For the nose we punched a hole in some black craft foam but you could also use paper.

Inchie #3: Arctic Landscape

Draw on a few low hills on an inchie with pencil.

Now you can go over these lines with glue and then let it dry for a glue resist effect or you can just use a white pastel for a pastel resist.

Out of the metal duct tape cut a small moon and then peel and stick into place.

Paint in the sections.

Before the paint dries sprinkle on a little salt.

Spread on a little iridescent glitter on the landscape.

Out of a scrap of black paper cut a little inukshuk and glue into place.

Inchie #4: Fish

Paint a square with blue tempera paint.  While the paint is wet you can sprinkle on a little salt.

When the paint is dry rub off the salt.

Using a straw and a little white acrylic paint stamp on some bubbles.

Take a piece of metal duct tape, draw a fish on it with pencil.  It will leave a nice etching.

Use coloured sharpies and colour in parts of the fish.

Cut out the fish, peel and stick the metal tape fish onto the blue square.

Using stamps you can stamp on the word FISH.  At school I printed out text and the kids glued it on the square.

Inchie #5: Lighthouse

On a square draw some rocks, a water line and a lighthouse.

With the red sharpie colour in top of lighthouse and then outline it with the black sharpie.

With the yellow oil pastel draw smudge on the glow from the lighthouse.  Put white oil pastel where the light is and on the lighthouse tower.

Paint the entire square purple.  The oil pastel will resist the paint.

Paint the rocks black and the waterline dark blue.

Inchie #6: Acadian Flag

Paint the little star yellow.

With masking tape place a strip down the middle of a square.

Paint one side of the tape blue and one side red with disk tempera.

Remove masking tape when paint is dry.

Glue on the yellow star to the blue stripe.

Inchie #7 Ukrainian Easter Egg

Paint a square with green disk tempera paint.

Using a piece of cardboard, stamp on some grass lines with green acrylic paint.

Cut an egg shape out of some scrap white paper.

Using crayons draw on some designs leaving parts of the egg white.

Paint egg with a wash of disk tempera.  The crayon will resist and show thru.

Glue the egg onto the green square.

Inchie #8: Ukrainian Church

Disregard the tape on this square. Paint a square blue and while the paint is still wet lift off some clouds with a kleenex.

Glue on a square of white paper.  Using a black sharpie or pencil crayon draw on some windows of the church.

Cut a dome out of some sparkly gold paper or wrapping paper.

With a sharpie add a cross.

Inchie# 9: Ukrainian Dancer

Paint a square blue.

I made a template of a head and shoulders.

I had the kids trace it.

Add colour to the dancer. We added the vest, some X stitch embroidery on the sleeves, and a few necklaces.

Cut the dancer out.  Glue onto the blue square and then glue on a few flowers.

Glue completed inchies on paper background.

That's it.



  1. I enjoy seeing the artistic work that you do with the kids. The Ukrainian Church reminds me of the Serbian Orthodox church I went to as a child. Great project.
    Barb J
    Charlotte, NC

  2. I love the lessons! I want to get started on this with my class this week, but wasn't able to find the schedule at the end of the blog post. Would you be able to direct me to it?