Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mother's Day Block

In my current residency I have been working on these mixed media blocks for Mother's Day.

We used Model Magic to add a nice 3D element to them. On my sample I wrapped the painting around the sides and back.  At school we only had time for the sides.

Here is some student work.


- wood block, I had standard 2"x6" lumber cut into square pieces
- Model Magic, I buy white and in the large bin. (use your Michael's 40% off coupon). One bin (4pkgs) was more than enough for 2 classes.
- acrylic paint
- heart gems, I stock up at the Dollar Store during Valentines
- tacky glue
- printed text from the computer
- Mod Podge for sealing
- scrapbooking paper, optional


I handed out the wood blocks so the kids could figure out the right size to make the clothing.

Each student got a plum sized piece of Model Magic.

We pressed them flat on a piece of wax paper.

I also gave each student a napkin with their name on it.

Using a plastic knife they cut out the clothing.

Using some assorted tools we added texture to the Model Magic.

Those green tools are from the Dollar Store.  I bought several sets of them.  They are for decorating cupcakes but work great as tools for clay.

Place on napkin/paper towel and set aside to dry.  About 24hrs.

While the Model Magic is drying you can paint the block. Make sure to do the sides and top for a nice finished look.

I gave the kids a few ideas, a nature scene like my sample.

- standing by your house, the house is cut from scrapbooking paper

- shopping in the city, shopping bag is paper

- just a simple background with a few flowers, the flowers are out of paper

Or whatever scene they wished.

We painted the Model Magic after it set.  It's still fragile at this point so i asked the kids to be careful.

Once it's mounted on the block and seal with podge it's firms up and is more durable.

I gave each student a piece of paper and they sketch out the head, arms, and feet of their moms.

We added some outlining and colour and cut our body parts out.

We glued everything into place with some tacky glue.

We added a small heart gem and sealed them with some Mod Podge.

That's it, a great Mother's day gift that will be treasured.



  1. Thank you for this wonderful idea. I teach Alzheimer's patients - mostly women. This looks like a good project to engage their hands and their spirits.

  2. Hello Gail, I love this project! And would like to make this with my Summer Campers. What age were these children?
    I really enjoy your blog!

    1. These were Grade 5, so 10yrs old, but I could see Grade 4 doing quite well with it too.